Poems about si


We're helpless in this nefarious world.
My thoughts remain dark as the night unfurls.
Our emotions constantly belittled,
Blood pours as a stone heart is whittled.
An endless train of immense despair,
I gasp in the darkness, desperate for air.

by EndlessAutumn
The One

I am
Numbness personified
Helpless like a babe
Falling down fast,
Into the dark depths of our past
I am
Struggling for air
Screaming for mercy
Here to suffer
Through these tortures of another
Soon will I find surcease from pain?
And something more than hate and shame?
Can I be worth a glance or a word?
Will I ever be heard?
I contemplate
The knife's edge
Glinting in darkness
As the line is cut,
Deep beneath white skin
I feel
Empty calmness
Devoid of everything
Eyes rolling back,
To meet the new agony of sleep
Can sleep ever bring relief?
Will nightmares ever seem less real and true?
How can I close these eyes without fear?
When will I ever wake up?
I know
Resistance is pointless
Love is a lie
So you should allow me,
To finally die
I want
No more
An ending,
To this waste of a life
But you will never listen
I remain unheard
As my tears glisten
Under the weight of it all
Because I am the one to be, to feel, to contemplate and know these things,
the one who no one wants to remember
the one who remains unseen

by Nighter
Between the blue

Between the blue,
this is where you see me true.
My pain opened up for you to see,
each of my insecurities.
My true self feels laid bare,
I'm vulnerable and you don't know you stare.
I am terrified to be open this way,
I know that soon after you'll make me pay.
A few uncomfortable words of a private joke,
for the world to hear, makes me choke
at the insensitivity of your non-understanding.
As if you knew what pain you were expanding.
You know me better than any other.
You, my lover, are my secrecy's biggest bother.
I love to have you in this power,
stay with me in this, my last, hour.
If you stay near me while I die by day,
I'll stay near you at night just to play.

by weepingwillow
Scarlet mistress

can I just die
you don't even have to cry
no mess just death
take back your breath
I hate the living
I'm going to start digging
I can no longer pretend
I want the pain end
it hurts inside
welcome home your bride
why keep us waiting
the guest are fading
soon we won't have a witness
I'll be your scarlet mistress
abandoned at the alter
you left me in the water
the miracle didn't walk by
so I'm asking you why
he got his silver
and I'm stuck in a river

by slothrunner
Letting go

My love language is 
Quality time
And we had some
Quality rhymes
Some explosive crimes
Sharing our
Agitated minds
And we packed
A whole lifetime
Into that month
Love, smiles and 
Your soothing 
It felt like forever
I loved to just linger 
It didn't take long
For me to realize...
That the 2nd floor balcony
Is much
Too low
To live up to 
Ideative standards
Suicidal parameters
Because doing a job
Half assed
Is no way to live
(Even if it's how I live)
And not a good way to try 
To die
Maybe better
To kill us instead
The two headed monster
We made out of fiery love 
And the smoke of our kindled fears
Until it burned away, leaving only dread
Maybe killing us
Saved you and me
Let our spirits roam free
And consequently
I feel,
I dream,
I'm Distracted from my avoidant distractions
I'm Drawn to these odd refractions
Broken glass and twisted mirrors; 
I'm finding they lie shattered
in the past
and when relax my grip
when i start to let go
my fingers finally bleed
i see myself looking forward
and see it's healing my soul

by Tokala