Poems about shameguilt

Stealing time

Stealing time
that was never mine.
A little more
each day goes by.
Draw it in
and hold it tight.
Mask the fear
that it's not mine.
Hold them close
don't let them by.
Draw my ties
and pull them tight.
Fourteen years
such a long time.
Fourteen years
that were not mine.
Fourteen years
of stolen time.

by weepingwillow
Glances, questions...

Awkward silence.
Time passes   as distance deepens.
Words spoken,
Sharp as daggers,
Cleave the air.
Secrets betrayed   and trust shattered.
Run or stay?
Brick by brick,
Walls grow and envelope
Then they blot out the sky.
Winding pathways   leading you astray,
Bones unseen beneath.
Trampled and   awaiting discovery.
Voices echo as ghosts   peer around corners.
Miles of confusion
Chaos eclipsing common sense.
Every stone a loss of self.
Beloved friends and family   lost in battle.
Until only memories remain.
The lost souls   haunting the present.
Shadows grow stronger,
As reality fades.
Flights of fancy
Free the enslaved.
Until only the body remains.
Shame, regret, anger
Then finally pain
Complete the descent.
A door opens...
A light glimmers.
The flame is extinguished.
The door closes   as the key turns,
Silence echoes   as space shrinks.
One by one they say goodbye,
Silent screams   as reality strikes.
Darkness unfolding,
Promises of relief.
Caught in the middle,
Torn between light and dark.
Seeking anonymity.
A hand beckons,
Fear paralyzing
Voices echoing a warning   too late.
A few steps then falling.
The ground gone,
Fog above and black below.
Frantically searching   for a foothold,
Only finding walls of glass.
Faces peering in.
Air pulling in all directions.
Winds cycling until   a tornado of chaos.
Dazed and disoriented,
Fact and fiction   indistinguishable.
Lines curving   until patterns are obscured.
Time spinning   faster and faster
Then lost as it is   suspended...
A hand appears in the fog.
Defying fear and gravity...
You grasp it tightly.
Not knowing where you go   or who is leading.
Blindly following.
Heart racing,   breaths coming short
Knowing this   your final chance.
A gamble of good vs. evil.
Life and death.
I close my eyes and leap.

by kailima
You think you're weak. I think you're strong

You think you're weak. I think you're strong
You wonder how you stuck around this long
Every day seems worse than the day before
Not sure you will be able to take this anymore
you have been together forever; but that's not a reason to stay
It's not your fault he treats you this way
You have a choice to get up and leave
to take a stand for what you believe
To replace those bad memories, with something new
To be with someone who truly loves you
I know it's hard and that you are afraid
Don't focus on the past and the mistakes that you have made
Use your strength and open your eyes
and you will see some light through those stormy skies
For every insult and every bruise, you ever took
For every demeaning and disrespectful look
For every friend he made you lose
and every time he made you choose
For every sleepless night
for every single horrible fight
For every smile he turned into a frown
For every time you cringed when he was around
For all these things, use this as your strength to leave
You are so much better than this, you just have to believe
Know you are beautiful, that you are strong
Know that this is not where you belong
Know that you can have such a beautiful life, and be loved deeply and true
You just have to find the strength I know you have deep inside of you.
And if you feel you can't do this on your own and you need a little help
Know that I was standing right beside you this whole time, and you don't have to do this by yourself.

by Guest