Poems about religion

Mount up with eagles wings

Mount up with eagles wings my friend..
To the sky let you they send..
Mount up with eagles wing my friend..
High above..up in the skies...
From way up there the problems show..
Their true strength..and their true size..
Mount up with wings of eagles my friend..
To comfort fly with speed...
Remember you are not alone..
Find strength in what God decrees.
For He will keep fast hold of you..
And hear your painful pleas...
Mount up with wings like eagles my friend..
And never forget this truth..
That we who love you fly by your side
For loves strength lives in eternal youth..
Mount up with wings of eagles my friend..
To the sky let you they send..
Find peace in the love of God..
And in the hearts of your friends...
Soar your way to Gods true grace...
And never lose flight again...

by Greytabby
Not for me

I am being swallowed whole by this.
Feel my world shrinking by the minute.
I look out through the bars behind my eyes,
wondering if anyone can see the cage I'm stuck in?
Fear and uncertainty are wearing me down again.
Rage and despair control me again and I've got
Nowhere to go.
Who cares?
There is no relief for this constant ache.
Overwhelmed by miniscule decisions.
I lean on you crushed to pieces.
All of these years of introspection later--
there isn't any hope and there aren't any dreams.
Still I slog on gritting my teeth every day.
I promised-
and I will.
There is no purpose to my life.
There is no divinity or sacredness.
No difference one day to the next.
My soul tied up in barbed wire I pretend I don't .
So I can present the impossible me to the world.
Whole and complete and at peace with myself.
It's not possible.
It's not for me.

by weepingwillow
Healing under a canopy

Stroll through the shaded wood I must;
Liniment for a marred soul.
In love with the seclusion it offers;
I yearn for the peace it brings.
Amble about in nature's song
I stroll along to such sounds:
Singing birds, dinky feet on Forest's floor, water-a-trickling.
Healing from a pain so deep
It threatens to crush my voice.
I rebel, fight back, scream, kick, cry.
I will not allow this.
You cannot have my soul.
My past will not destroy me!
Your 'control' is merely an illusion.
I am no longer a child.
For I see the light.
It's above me,
Filtering through the leaves.
It streaks my face with gold.
I feel its warmth on my skin.
This is the color of confidence.
I give myself the permission.
I can heal.
No one else can have
I smile.
I laugh.
I cry.
I'm filled with joy.
I am at peace.
Up ahead, I see a bridge.
I will cross it.
I will burn it down.

by LovelyChantel
Tears for Rachel

she was such a solemn little girl..
she has learned what it is to smile
she has seen a butterfly and wondered at its beauty
she has never known laughter
joy is something that only comes through the extras
she knows they have it
she can sense it in them
she has never know it
she has known Him
He gave her refuge
she hides in the dark
the only face we can see is Lucy
we have drawn her face here because
she looks so much like Rachel
Lucy is five
Rachel is two
she is the little one
the original
the one who made us
the one we cry for.

by Lucea
Chasing me

Chasing me, all my life.
Running from its grasp.
It will devour me when it catches up.
Hopefully quickly.
Probably slowly and painfully.
It works its way up behind you,
surprises you,
and one day you realize that it has you.
Held tightly in its grasp.
We always run,
knowing it will catch us.
And we always try to hide,
knowing it will find us.
None of us can escape.
its cold, horrid clutches.
Some don't mind,
it comes to them with the face of an angel.
Others see the demon for what it is.
Those are the runners, the hiders.
Some run for a long time, like me.
Others just give up and let go,
like I never will.
I'll run and fight and hide,
knowing eventually I'll lose.
I'll run anyway.

by weepingwillow
A chance to love

I promised myself this time won't be the same,
I was going to keep these feelings inside and tame,
keep a cap on this passion and flame,
but I get shivers just hearing your name.
Now I'm with you and it feels so right.
I haven't lost all control yet; not quite,
but its a daily struggle and difficult fight,
and I want to be with you tonight.
I hear your voice on the phone,
and your every inflection and tone
reminds me that I'm no longer alone,
reminds me opposition has flown.
With your kisses fiery and long,
I realize these feelings are so strong.
"I just want someone to love"; perfect lyrics to a song,
to show me I started out terribly wrong.
I want to thank the gods of love
for sending a lesson as if on the wings of a dove,
a lesson I had to be reminded of,
you should never deny yourself a chance to love.

by weepingwillow
Lost little lamb

Tears forming in her eyes,
that soon run down her face.
Lord I pray you help her threw,
the pain she can't escape.
This lost little lamb,
that needs to find her way.
Give her the strength,
she seems to have lost today.
Pain comes running to her,
she's so broken inside.
With everything in her,
she tries to hide.
Her head is down,
she's staring at her feet.
In her mind,
she has chosen defeat.
Inside she aches,
with every breathe.
What will be her future,
she's scared to death

by slothrunner
Scarlet mistress

can I just die
you don't even have to cry
no mess just death
take back your breath
I hate the living
I'm going to start digging
I can no longer pretend
I want the pain end
it hurts inside
welcome home your bride
why keep us waiting
the guest are fading
soon we won't have a witness
I'll be your scarlet mistress
abandoned at the alter
you left me in the water
the miracle didn't walk by
so I'm asking you why
he got his silver
and I'm stuck in a river

by slothrunner
Once upon a time

Once upon a time, when the world made sense
Before the brutality of life caught up with you
After fighting through the crowds protesting justice
And the masses screaming for holocaust…
Once upon a time, when home was someplace you could feel safe
Before your family life became bitter and violent
After it was your family that beat you and insulted you
And didn't protect you from those blows…
Once upon a time, when your purity was precious
Before a trusted friend lost sight of how precious that was
After your childhood sweetheart had stolen your sweet innocence
And you gave up on the dream of being worth something.
Once upon a time, when you were happy
Before you ever even thought to weigh living against dying
After you decided you had every reason to die
And didn't care if you had a reason to live…
Once upon a time, when you trusted God
Before the simplicity of childhood faith seemed at best artificial and surreal
After the harshness of a life without purpose left you disillusioned
And you gave up believing in anything at all…
Once upon a time, when all was right with the world
Before everything went wrong
After which every bad thing was evidence of that wrongness
And every good thing was interpreted as having a manipulative and deceptive core.
Once upon a time, when life was worth living
Before your cheeks were chapped by the continual wetness of your tears
After sliding a knife across your wrist
And having the poison pumped out of your stomach (multiple times)…
Once upon a time, when you were innocent
Before you knew of the self-destruction that humans are capable of
After the cocaine addiction and the prostitution
And the acts that people only perform after the sun has vanished…
Once upon a time, when life was manageable
Before the hustle of life wore you out
After you mourned your incapacity to merely handle the things you once dominated
And the Valium was all that gave you peace.
Once upon a time, when man could do no wrong
Before your trust had been violated and discarded
After he manipulated you into thinking it was your idea and your fault
And left you with tears in your eyes and a bloody crotch…
Once upon a time, when you could blindly spout off the answers to life's greatest problems
Before you realized the harsh sting of reality that is in those situations
After you lived through most of them and realized how wrong you were
And how wrong the people were who fed you those answers...
Didn't you have peace?
Didn't you have joy?
And tell me now, where has that gone…
Once upon a time, when you were a child
Before you knew how things would turn out for you
After you had grown up and lived life for a while…
You would have hugged the person you are now
And cried with her, and given her a cookie,
And told her that Mommy could make it all better with a simple kiss.
And you probably would have been dreadfully wrong…
But at least you were happy.
Sometimes the childlike world of denial and insanity is the safest place to be
(And for you, it is).

by RainbowRose