Poems about relationships

One Day...

One day I'll find relief,
Some days I'm at peace,
One day I'll be healed,
Some day I'll speak freely,
And one day I'll feel secure.
Ever expanding,   ever adventurous,   but never done!

by u live u learn
Fort Refuge

Click the door and come inside.
From this point on, you don't need to hide.
This is a safe place.
Your lonliness will soon erase.
Here, we know we all have worries
Offering help when emotions flurry.
If you're having a bad day,
there's help here. It'll be okay.
You can go on chat or post on a forum.
Just be kind to others - proper decorum.
This is a place where everyone understands.
The difficulties in life we know firsthand.
You'll soon become friends with those who listen.
No more will your heart be imprisoned.
It's a nice thing that I am able to say
the people on here truly do make my day.
They are so insightful.
Their hope is delightful.
Administrators offer heartwarming advice.
And everyone is listening even if their response is concise.
Fort Refuge is place of hope.
With people who are finding new ways to cope.
We are all warriors Who struggled in battle.
We all have strong minds - Ignoring the prattle.
We all are our own person[s]. We don't have to pretend.
Above all we are survivors - who will fight till the end.

by Leesh
Unrealistic expectations

So many contradictions   in this world
like two separate sides   of the spectrum;
we expect everything   to be a certain way
that is our distorted perception.
We gather so much information   all our lives
and take from it what we want;
then add our own   little pieces to it
whether it is true or not.
It amazes me how   the worlds perception
is almost all black and white;
like if your a good person   you have no worries
but they forget good people die.
Just like mean people do have friends
and trustworthy people can lie;
and just cause somebody seems real tough
doesn't mean they don't cry.
A rainbow seems to   stretch forever
but it does have an end;
and just because   we make mistakes
don't mean we will do it again.
When i was a young girl
i was left all alone;
so i have a problem with unrealistic expectations
now that i am grown.
I feel i have always needed someone
to help me through life;
sometimes i feel i cant do it alone
sometimes i feel i wont survive.
So i began to try to meet new people
tried to make some friends;
i want one so bad it hurts me
because for me there's only one way to keep them.
I buy their food and things when we are out
and i am there when they need me;
but that's where i get taken advantage of
because i allow them to run over me.
Maybe i will make   a true friend one day
or maybe i never will;
maybe i will realize   my self worth more
and give myself time to heal.

by deannagaige
Ambivalent post-break up feelings

Thoughts of you ram me from my senses.
Why can't you go?
I grasp at everyone, every moment.
I'm still wishing for a few more.
...i miss you...
I gave you the liberty to go.
I didn't just stand back, I helped you leave.
I made it easy for you to walk your destiny.
I cut my heart out for you, so you wouldn't have to.
Why can't anyone make it easy for me?!
I desperately cling to your faint existance.
I hope it leaves my life.
A new twist on an old theory--
If I can't have you, leave me the fuck alone!
Alone...I am alone, you're not really here.
...i need you...
You wouldn't extend my freedom, yet I gave yours.
And off you went, with part my very essence.
I let it go easily with wishes and love.
With a mind screaming, a soul twisting.
Why do they leave me in this place?!
...don't go...

by weepingwillow

You are holding me and I am still alone.
It's like a magic trick in my head.
Pretty words in safe blue
etch in red in my mind.
I would swear it was possible for my soul to .
The hinges lubricated and things get in and out.
I would swear it was possible to be psychotic--
and rationally know it.
I cannot make sense of my own thoughts.
I do try to behave rationally.
I am so frustrated to find I am failing.
Though still drowning I've floated near enough,
that I can see the surface and
how far down I've been again.
Never broke through though I thought I had.
Tired of struggling so hard just to find
that I'm swimming for the bottom again.
I want to give up and don't know how to do that either.
I will do as I always have-trudge on and survive, exist.
Screaming silently all the way.
Can't you hear me love?
You're so close.

by weepingwillow
Healing under a canopy

Stroll through the shaded wood I must;
Liniment for a marred soul.
In love with the seclusion it offers;
I yearn for the peace it brings.
Amble about in nature's song
I stroll along to such sounds:
Singing birds, dinky feet on Forest's floor, water-a-trickling.
Healing from a pain so deep
It threatens to crush my voice.
I rebel, fight back, scream, kick, cry.
I will not allow this.
You cannot have my soul.
My past will not destroy me!
Your 'control' is merely an illusion.
I am no longer a child.
For I see the light.
It's above me,
Filtering through the leaves.
It streaks my face with gold.
I feel its warmth on my skin.
This is the color of confidence.
I give myself the permission.
I can heal.
No one else can have
I smile.
I laugh.
I cry.
I'm filled with joy.
I am at peace.
Up ahead, I see a bridge.
I will cross it.
I will burn it down.

by LovelyChantel
A circle of friends

There is a wonderful thing in this world,
A circle of friendships that never end.
Where you can be yourself without care,
Talk about anything that you can share.
I have found this circle on the web,
Where there is understanding and truth.
I am not alone in my suffering; the past,
I have company that keeps me feeling sane at last.
So for now I have friends I haven't met,
Not in person, just through their caring words.
With support from each other and a caring ear,
We stand up to fight the nightmares and fear.
Sharing and soul searching together,
We learn to heal and stand tall. 
United we stand, separate we fall,
The circle is here to catch us all.

by StormyDaze
Shards of Glass

So poised, you wear
A perfect smile.
Great pretender.
At least for now.
You're safe
When no emotions show
For who can judge
If no one knows?
But hidden there,
Beneath your poise
Lies all the hurt.
A deafening noise
That yells and screams.
It's cold as ice.
But, it's your strength;
Your sacrifice.
I've heard you say
No one can see
What lies inside,
What's underneath
All the pretense.
The perfect smile.
But I can see.
I've walked that mile.
Your faith and trust
Like barren lands,
Or shards of glass
Within your hands.
What's lost is lost,
Yet life goes on
As we pretend
There's nothing wrong.

by Anonymous
The Elusive Dove

I once did crave your affection and love
I'd search the house all about
Endurance wrought pride, as I slowly died
It was elusive: an invisible dove.
I once did crave you warmth and compassion
I'd search the house all about
Endurance wrought pride, as I slowly died
Was broken, alone, yet stout.
I once did crave your assurance and comfort
I'd search the house all about
Endurance wrought pride, as I slowly died
My heart did fray with doubt.
Yes, I once did crave your affection and love
Though I searched the house all about
Inside I cried, as I slowly died
Never found that elusive old dove.

by Me1issa
Breakdown, Reveal

Break me, expose me,
Peel back my skin.
Make me, show me,
The glass that's within.
Use me, bruise me,
Tell me how it hurts.
I need the truth, I need that pain,
Because I hurt you first.
A sneer, a nod, a promenade -
Their hate is their only defense.
My fear, my tears, I'm losing it now -
They were my only pretense.
They were shards, memories,
Of what I had become.
Wounds, scars,
Wrongs that could not be undone.
They sewed, they morphed,
And still they formed a mask.
It sat upon my face,
And concealed every crack.
But now the mask is gone,
Your hands, so gentle, quiver.
The glass hiding underneath
Still has tarnishes in the silver.

by EndlessAutumn
Turning a blind eye

In the beginning
Blindly in their thrall
Heart alive and spinning
It was phenomenal
In the beginning
Wanting it to work
Wits in glad up-swing
Senses hyped…berserk
In the beginning
Not wanting to see
Things…acts unsettling
Let it be… it be
In the beginning
My hopes riding high
My heart so trusting
Turning a blind eye.

by Jane

You're watching me watch you,
or am I watching you watch me?
It makes no difference to me,
that isn't what's important really.
The Pain seems to get a little worse
with each and every passing day.
I wonder, do you feel this way?
"It will get much easier", they say.
All you had to say was simply "I love you".
Your blue eyes were the wicked tool
that you used to steal my Heart, my Body, and my Soul.
I wonder, do you realize you took complete Control?
The one thing I can't ever have,
is the thing I've always wanted.
But my Heart weeps, Foolishly undaunted,
because by Ghosts of a deeper Love, it's Haunted.

by weepingwillow
Well, he says he loves me

He says he loves me.
I'm not so sure.
He says he loves me.
I don't agree.
He says he loves me,
is that how he really feels about me?
He says he loves me.
Sometimes he doesn't act like it.
He says he loves me.
Then why the mindgames?
He says he loves me,
but is his love all trapped in his mind?
He says he loves me.
I know I love him.
He says he loves me.
I wish I could be sure.
He says he loves me,
but I need for him to actually love me.

by weepingwillow

Forever means different things
to you and I.
I meant a future and happiness,
eternally forever.
You meant until you were bored,
temporarily forever.
I loved you, I still do.
Nothing can change that.
My friendship, if you want it,
is yours.
But will friendship mean the same,
to you and I?
Already I have entrusted you,
with my deepest secrets.
As you have with me.
I don't want to lose you forever,
because to me forever means,
eternally forever.

by weepingwillow

Sweet and soft,
my silken lifeline,
he throws to me.
Pulling, he lifts me,
from the bottom.
Lifts me through the tidal pool.
Grateful and dependent.
I cling to him.
I lean on him.
I pull on him.

by weepingwillow
A chance to love

I promised myself this time won't be the same,
I was going to keep these feelings inside and tame,
keep a cap on this passion and flame,
but I get shivers just hearing your name.
Now I'm with you and it feels so right.
I haven't lost all control yet; not quite,
but its a daily struggle and difficult fight,
and I want to be with you tonight.
I hear your voice on the phone,
and your every inflection and tone
reminds me that I'm no longer alone,
reminds me opposition has flown.
With your kisses fiery and long,
I realize these feelings are so strong.
"I just want someone to love"; perfect lyrics to a song,
to show me I started out terribly wrong.
I want to thank the gods of love
for sending a lesson as if on the wings of a dove,
a lesson I had to be reminded of,
you should never deny yourself a chance to love.

by weepingwillow

You tried to play the game,
but you've lost.
Now who took the blame?
I paid the cost.
You lied and toyed with me,
made sure I was in deep.
I wasn't what you wanted me to be,
suddenly you weren't mine to keep.
You took my heart and left me empty,
mind numb and dazed.
You tried to be so crafty.
you weren't even phazed.
I promised to love you,
you promised forever.
I thought I knew,
you thought you were so clever.
I've got a surprise,
a game of my own.
One of us told no lies,
but remains unknown.
You've learned a hard lesson,
I'm remorseless and vengeful you see.
What I really am; my dark confession,
I'm not what you thought me to be.

by weepingwillow
Another voice

Sorry about
calling you last night.
Sometimes at night
I'll be lying there
and I need to hear
another human voice.
Just to
clear my head.
Or I'll just lie there
and go crazy.
Need to hear
another human voice
just long enough
to straighten
me out a little.
You were the only one
I could call
that time of night.

by weepingwillow
Between the blue

Between the blue,
this is where you see me true.
My pain opened up for you to see,
each of my insecurities.
My true self feels laid bare,
I'm vulnerable and you don't know you stare.
I am terrified to be open this way,
I know that soon after you'll make me pay.
A few uncomfortable words of a private joke,
for the world to hear, makes me choke
at the insensitivity of your non-understanding.
As if you knew what pain you were expanding.
You know me better than any other.
You, my lover, are my secrecy's biggest bother.
I love to have you in this power,
stay with me in this, my last, hour.
If you stay near me while I die by day,
I'll stay near you at night just to play.

by weepingwillow

My guts twisted and my head aches
for love of you.
My body waits and my mind retaliates
with thoughts of you.
Turning and twistings of a sick mind
make pictures of you walking away.
I believe you, he who claims,
"I will never leave".
I've heard it before and I'm hearing it again,
my Love, I believe you.
For this moment and the time being,
and time eternal.

by weepingwillow

I am playing, again,
someone else's game.
No rulebook, no knowledge,
unsure if
the rules are changing.
You claim to have returned
with the intentions
of receiving your revenge.
So sure you'll succeed.
So sure I'll fall.
Not knowing what stops you.
A regard for me?
I doubt it.
For her?
You negate.
I am left behind,
and wondering,
is this your revenge?
New games with my mind
already so fragile.
You know it so well.
Well enough to convince me
to play along.
I wouldn't.
Lost and confused
and left to wonder.
I shared so much.
Trusted too much.
Accidental revenge.
I wonder if there is such a thing.

by weepingwillow
Buenas noches mi amor

deny everything all you want
but the truth is the truth no matter what
you believe your own lies
but I see what's on the inside
he's a charmer they all say
but I'm not ignorant to your ways
you desire to fix the broken
and I was stupid enough to drink the potion
can you smell that sweet scent
or feel my desire to consent
no more of your mesmerizing melodies
I really hope you never find peace
some call it revenge some call it fate
save your apology it's far too late
I let you go before
but now that your here I'm settling the score
they told me I should behave
but tonight I'll be dancing on your grave


by slothrunner

i'm sorry i ran into your door
don't know why you always gotta be slammin' 'em
to say that it don't hurt me
is a lesson in banana-ism
maybe you just can't see
my boundaries when they're non-physically
communicated to you
cuz no matter what i do
i only see regrets repeated
i never feel like my boundaries are heeded
i don't like the angry roll
throwing cups and smashing skulls
into the wall of my childhood home
where physical fights were often the norm
and i would hide and shut it out
the other choice is to have a bout
so when i tell you that anger scares me
yells and slamming and hurtful words
why when it scares me does it seems ok
for you to push my boundaries this way
over and over it happens it seems
i've brought it up, when we talked you said
    hmm, "that's interesting" 
but maybe it's my bad for letting it keep 
i should stand my ground
but it affects me anyway
i should calmly explain and detach from the fight
and ignore you when you say I'm just running away
i'll keep my truth 
i know that it's wrong
to cause harm with words or actions
and not say sorry, or i feel you 
i'm sorry for not leaving
the moment you kicked me out
for responding to your yells
for turning myself about
i don't like that it's justified
that i ran into a door
in your mind
yes i knew you were gonna slam it
as you got in one last scathing word
just have to always always have it
but a door in a room
doesn't move by itself
you were there you were slamming
i didn't fight with myself
you violate my boundaries
and i'm sorry that i let you
i guess i thought it normal
for someone who just pretends to love you
maybe that sounds harsh
i don't mean you judge you as fake
but if you never seek to understand me
what kind of relationship recipe does that make?
a conversation about an issue
involves both our feelings and our minds
empathy is borne in the the head
in the heart is where the feelings reside
when you share your heart 
and your feelings, regrets
you don't use your head
you don't have no doubts
the mind builds a bridge
the heart paints it with color
building means thinking
from other perspectives, and dreaming
of how to connect 
with the one that you love
how to take down the walls
and let the truth rise above
boundaries should be re-assessed
and angry words should be used less
i'm sorry when I push your boundaries
i want so much to have no walls, no mess
i hate when you show you anger
with actions
i guess you like your boundaries
and how it affects me is just a 

by Tokala
Red flags are pretty

I should have known
from that one time...
where you kicked me out
said I'm not welcome
then slammed the door
three times
but the deadbolt was out
and you cracked that poor door's spine
and i thought
"what about mine"?
but i left...
and i cried
and i wrote giant paragraphs of text
and you wrote giant paragraphs of text
and we decided
i should come back...
and later, when we talked about it
how the door doesn't close
the half busted lock-- it remembers and it knows...
but you forgot (or denied)
that it ever even happened
you refused to believe
that the crack was new
and came about of your
mad design
that you called me by name
when you kicked me out
and that should have been
a sign
i should have known...
when you woke me up
at 3am
and yelled and screamed
and made me sleep
in my bed
how your sister said your mom
did the same thing
to your nephew next door...
and his bond to her
grew stronger and she became his floor...
i should have known...
when you said
"I need to make sure
you have your own bed"
and that it can't be put away
it should be ready every day
because "I'm an anrgy person"
you would always say...
so I get to deal with it
if I leave then you'll feel it...
I should have known...
when you attacked me
then ran from me...
then said that I shamed you
when I told you...
"I'm going to sleep in the car
you can have the tent"
as blood leaked from my
and then the next day...
you worried what I would do and say...
would I leave you? would I
"hold this over you"?
would people think you a monster?
but what about me?
do you consider that with your decry?
i spent all my energy
supporting you
lifting you up
making you feel better
about what you did
to me
saying it would be fine
saying I won't re-live that crime in my mind
i won't want to drink more wine to feel just a little more sublime
that it'll be better if we only give it some time
my feelings and outbursts could shame you so I'll make sure they stay JUST mine...
and on my misery and loneliness
i began to dine...
chew it
shove it down in my gut
let it permeate my body
and even my butt
i should have known....
not to get into bed with you
not to move into a home with you
that one night when we fought
in the street
about RFID chips and
and I apologized ...
because megan said I was broken
and i thought so too
only I didn't know she knew
just what strings to pull
to make me feel like I'm the monster
when she's dating her future husband
and in the same rhyme
saying "I love you, come out here, we'll have a good time....
forget that back burner thing, it'll be just fine
i'm moving to be with you
and there aren't any hidden designs
in my mind"
i should have known...
and i did.
i did the whole time.
but even i know i'm broken...
can't trust myself--
hell i can barely even rhyme
i felt rejected dejected miserable and imperfected
i know now this illusory world of "my problems" is too often just her own issues projected
and my gullibility is reflected
when part of me knows what's up and then my anger is inflected
red flags
look prettier
so next time
i can promise me
i won't

by Tokala
Letting go

My love language is 
Quality time
And we had some
Quality rhymes
Some explosive crimes
Sharing our
Agitated minds
And we packed
A whole lifetime
Into that month
Love, smiles and 
Your soothing 
It felt like forever
I loved to just linger 
It didn't take long
For me to realize...
That the 2nd floor balcony
Is much
Too low
To live up to 
Ideative standards
Suicidal parameters
Because doing a job
Half assed
Is no way to live
(Even if it's how I live)
And not a good way to try 
To die
Maybe better
To kill us instead
The two headed monster
We made out of fiery love 
And the smoke of our kindled fears
Until it burned away, leaving only dread
Maybe killing us
Saved you and me
Let our spirits roam free
And consequently
I feel,
I dream,
I'm Distracted from my avoidant distractions
I'm Drawn to these odd refractions
Broken glass and twisted mirrors; 
I'm finding they lie shattered
in the past
and when relax my grip
when i start to let go
my fingers finally bleed
i see myself looking forward
and see it's healing my soul

by Tokala
Cast shadow

Cold--so cold.
Mug between hands
warming them.
Lean over--
steam melts icicles
on nose.
Close eyes--
you appear opposite me:
cigarette burning in ashtray,
one hand gripping coffee
the other thumbing through
Romeo and Juliet;
smile while skimming lines of
loves' first meeting.
Me crying alone remembering
that night somewhere in my past
so vivid--
I smell damp pages;
I hear your voice breathe life
into words of an antiquated love story;
I see the corners of your lips
mandate the marionette sparkles of your eyes
to dance as you speak.
Me then in ecstasy
heart beating as neon sign
flickers casting a pink shadow
through the window.
Me now in shock
starring at an empty chair
feeling my love for you coarse
through my body as
water through shattered flood gates
your obituary
fresh on my mind.

by karasynn