Poems about rape

Dear Father

Do you recall the assault
Dear father?
Do you recall the assault?
The thumping and the hurling
And the sound of my heart churning
Breaking, bursting, furling
Your fault, your fault, your fault
Do you recall the assault?
Do you relive the rape
Dear father?
Do you relive the rape?
The ripping and the bleeding
The terror and my pleading
Pleading, pleading, pleading
No escape, no escape no escape
Do you relive the rape?
Do you regret your crimes
Dear father?
Do you regret your crimes?
Your sinful acts against another
And being a weak, cruel father
A perpetrator of lasting trauma.
Harmer harmer, harming
Do you regret your crimes?

by Jane
Too real

I hate your force,
You provoked fears,
You took away my choice,
And left nothing but tears.
My mind, body, and soul,
Is shattered into pieces,
By the screamed 'No'
But there was no releases.
I'm broken,
Will I ever heal?
Years of words left unspoken,
And now it's all too real!

by Lally

I read a poem once
It spoke of experiences
That I didn't know were mine to share
Well, now I know.
She spoke of how her body
No longer belonged to her
And I wept
I wept that I longed to know what that felt like
To have had a body before
To have had a sense of what existed
Before the hands clawed at me
Before they fit themselves inside my skin
Before they put parts of themselves
Inside of me
Those fleshy parts
That I hadn't yet developed the language to describe.
I can't help but wonder
What part of me existed
Before they melded themselves
With me
Before I was bound
And bonded
And glued
Their body
To my body
Before I could understand
What it meant to own a body
Before I knew
That those things they were taking
Should have belonged to me
I wonder how it must feel
For first times to be chosen
Ruminated over
Fantasised about
Held onto
And Worshipped
Some sunshine nostalgia
Of growing up
And growing in
And moving on
And having parts left of themselves
To take away after
To continue to have a body
Independent of those who climbed inside
Aware that they were guests
But told to wipe their feet on the way in
And to leave things as they found them
On the way out.

by AnnieMinnie
Once upon a time

Once upon a time, when the world made sense
Before the brutality of life caught up with you
After fighting through the crowds protesting justice
And the masses screaming for holocaust…
Once upon a time, when home was someplace you could feel safe
Before your family life became bitter and violent
After it was your family that beat you and insulted you
And didn't protect you from those blows…
Once upon a time, when your purity was precious
Before a trusted friend lost sight of how precious that was
After your childhood sweetheart had stolen your sweet innocence
And you gave up on the dream of being worth something.
Once upon a time, when you were happy
Before you ever even thought to weigh living against dying
After you decided you had every reason to die
And didn't care if you had a reason to live…
Once upon a time, when you trusted God
Before the simplicity of childhood faith seemed at best artificial and surreal
After the harshness of a life without purpose left you disillusioned
And you gave up believing in anything at all…
Once upon a time, when all was right with the world
Before everything went wrong
After which every bad thing was evidence of that wrongness
And every good thing was interpreted as having a manipulative and deceptive core.
Once upon a time, when life was worth living
Before your cheeks were chapped by the continual wetness of your tears
After sliding a knife across your wrist
And having the poison pumped out of your stomach (multiple times)…
Once upon a time, when you were innocent
Before you knew of the self-destruction that humans are capable of
After the cocaine addiction and the prostitution
And the acts that people only perform after the sun has vanished…
Once upon a time, when life was manageable
Before the hustle of life wore you out
After you mourned your incapacity to merely handle the things you once dominated
And the Valium was all that gave you peace.
Once upon a time, when man could do no wrong
Before your trust had been violated and discarded
After he manipulated you into thinking it was your idea and your fault
And left you with tears in your eyes and a bloody crotch…
Once upon a time, when you could blindly spout off the answers to life's greatest problems
Before you realized the harsh sting of reality that is in those situations
After you lived through most of them and realized how wrong you were
And how wrong the people were who fed you those answers...
Didn't you have peace?
Didn't you have joy?
And tell me now, where has that gone…
Once upon a time, when you were a child
Before you knew how things would turn out for you
After you had grown up and lived life for a while…
You would have hugged the person you are now
And cried with her, and given her a cookie,
And told her that Mommy could make it all better with a simple kiss.
And you probably would have been dreadfully wrong…
But at least you were happy.
Sometimes the childlike world of denial and insanity is the safest place to be
(And for you, it is).

by RainbowRose