Poems about did

Really real

A little bud of consciousness
Born out of pain
Developed and grew
Thoughts and desires
Personality and voice
A soul
I am really real
The world does not know
Who really is real
Body may be the same
But I still feel
I am really real
I am Claire
18 and free
I love
I laugh
I breath
I move
I am really real
It is her body
Her arms
Her legs
My soul
I am really real
I took her pain
I took her doubts
I held them all
And protected this body
Why cant I live?
Why cant I love?
I am really real
One day I will scream
One day I will shout
One day they will hear
One day every one will Know
I am really real

by actressandwriter
Things that were too hard for me

Once upon a time,   I was a little girl
I was left alone   to deal with things,
Things that were   too hard for me.
You tore me down,   the little girl I was
I know I should have   called you dad,
But I never felt   that affection.
I think of parents   as protectors,
But the little girl   was tore down,
Forced to make   her own protector.
She shut down in order to survive,
She had no more tears to spend,
She knew it wouldn't help.
I escaped and ran away,
To a world where I was safe,
Where things weren't too hard for me.

by Lacedwings
Ring around the rosy

Ring around the rosy
A pocket full of secrets
Pains and dreamy times kept safe
All for the time to come
Fear is all around the rosy
Pockets full of fear, fear, fear
All at peace until the time comes
When all will come in pieces
Watching, listening, dreading too
How will it happen?
How will it do?
What will become of me?
What will it do?
Who am I?
Who is who?
Are you, you?
They are...they them, too?
But where will they go?
I want them, still,
For they are for me so
Me so, me so...
So who I am is they also, too
But when the time is here...
Who will take care of us...of us?

by Baaa
Neither here nor there

My feelings were neither here or there to any that cared to see
To take the time to view a child, of two, or three, of five,
Who hid from view, to survive, the unsaid words
That her feelings were neither here or there.
My body was neither here or there, but lost for me.
A child unsure already of existence,of being alive.
Someone who bled without knowing, who hurt without
someone seeing she was real.
I'm neither here or there, neither I nor Me
A person cut adrift from normal living
By the mind that chose to shatter and split
Rather than bend its knee to those who took her being.

by eagle22
Tears for Rachel

she was such a solemn little girl..
she has learned what it is to smile
she has seen a butterfly and wondered at its beauty
she has never known laughter
joy is something that only comes through the extras
she knows they have it
she can sense it in them
she has never know it
she has known Him
He gave her refuge
she hides in the dark
the only face we can see is Lucy
we have drawn her face here because
she looks so much like Rachel
Lucy is five
Rachel is two
she is the little one
the original
the one who made us
the one we cry for.

by Lucea
Walk A Mile

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be me?
A child trapped in a world of pain
Walk a mile in my shoes
Do they burn?
like the hatred I feel deep in my heart.
Do they make you cry?
Like the pain in my head.
The noise
The crying.
My road is a cold one.
A dark one.
I keep awake at night for the darkness even though all around me is worse when I sleep.
I see swirly vortexes in the dark, the ones I pray will swallow me whole.
Separate me from the system.
The collective mass!
Though you wonder what my life is like,
Those shoes fit only me.
The lonely child with seven shadows.
The one who is tortured to the very heart of me.
Only I can walk a mile!
Only I can see through these ever changing eyes,
The face that looks like a child, a teen, a man and a women sometimes at the same time.
The body where the heart was broken at birth.
But for man it wasn't enough.
The man with dirt in soul had to break my mind.
But I tricked him,
He did not know that I had a gift.
So I could be protected and safe.
Others took my place
Others walked in my shoes
They still do but they never fit
For only I can walk a mile in my shoes
By Rostaria

by DarkRiver1988
The I is almost lost

The I is almost lost,
The you's have final say.
She and they are here to stay,
The I is in a lock and chains.
The we control the day,
but the I runs away at night to play.
And flees to the shadows to escape exposure.
The others are getting stronger,
The I is fading.
Can the me be found someday?

by kailima