Poems about childabuse

Want to play a game?

Want to play a game?
Ok, when do we start?
We already have.
What are the rules?
Those are mine, at a whim they will change.
How do you win?
You don't.
What is the purpose?
My amusement.
I don't want to play.
Too late.
Enough I am not playing with you.
You have no choice.
I can leave.
No you can't
Watch me.
You are still here.
I don't like this it's pointless.
There is a point to everything.
Then what is the point to this?
To break you.
I am done!

by wcl
Things that were too hard for me

Once upon a time,   I was a little girl
I was left alone   to deal with things,
Things that were   too hard for me.
You tore me down,   the little girl I was
I know I should have   called you dad,
But I never felt   that affection.
I think of parents   as protectors,
But the little girl   was tore down,
Forced to make   her own protector.
She shut down in order to survive,
She had no more tears to spend,
She knew it wouldn't help.
I escaped and ran away,
To a world where I was safe,
Where things weren't too hard for me.

by Lacedwings
Neither here nor there

My feelings were neither here or there to any that cared to see
To take the time to view a child, of two, or three, of five,
Who hid from view, to survive, the unsaid words
That her feelings were neither here or there.
My body was neither here or there, but lost for me.
A child unsure already of existence,of being alive.
Someone who bled without knowing, who hurt without
someone seeing she was real.
I'm neither here or there, neither I nor Me
A person cut adrift from normal living
By the mind that chose to shatter and split
Rather than bend its knee to those who took her being.

by eagle22
When They Took Us Away

We felt trapped with no way out,
We didn't know what this was all about,
It happened over and over again,
All we knew was the unstoppable pain,
We waited and waited but no one came,
We thought we were all to blame,
No one knew what went on in our house,
Not the things that were done by the Uncle, the dad and his spouse.
Until the day they took us away,
In their car with the red and blue lights,
They took us away and ended all the cursing and fights.
We were still scared, not knowing that we had found our way out,
But with a new mom to love and care for us,
We would find out how lucky we were when they took us away.

by JanuaryHorse
Tears for Rachel

she was such a solemn little girl..
she has learned what it is to smile
she has seen a butterfly and wondered at its beauty
she has never known laughter
joy is something that only comes through the extras
she knows they have it
she can sense it in them
she has never know it
she has known Him
He gave her refuge
she hides in the dark
the only face we can see is Lucy
we have drawn her face here because
she looks so much like Rachel
Lucy is five
Rachel is two
she is the little one
the original
the one who made us
the one we cry for.

by Lucea
Walk A Mile

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be me?
A child trapped in a world of pain
Walk a mile in my shoes
Do they burn?
like the hatred I feel deep in my heart.
Do they make you cry?
Like the pain in my head.
The noise
The crying.
My road is a cold one.
A dark one.
I keep awake at night for the darkness even though all around me is worse when I sleep.
I see swirly vortexes in the dark, the ones I pray will swallow me whole.
Separate me from the system.
The collective mass!
Though you wonder what my life is like,
Those shoes fit only me.
The lonely child with seven shadows.
The one who is tortured to the very heart of me.
Only I can walk a mile!
Only I can see through these ever changing eyes,
The face that looks like a child, a teen, a man and a women sometimes at the same time.
The body where the heart was broken at birth.
But for man it wasn't enough.
The man with dirt in soul had to break my mind.
But I tricked him,
He did not know that I had a gift.
So I could be protected and safe.
Others took my place
Others walked in my shoes
They still do but they never fit
For only I can walk a mile in my shoes
By Rostaria

by DarkRiver1988
Daddy's Visits

I swim up from the inside darkness into a new darkness
I lay in the bed at night
The children’s hanging mobile above my head
It is spinning, but no one is here
I know why it moves on its own
It’s happened again
I don’t like seeing that mobile move on its own
I don’t like hearing it jingle when someone touches it
It means bad things
I feel the strangling crawling up inside me
But I don’t cry
I sit up and watch it spin slowly
Can’t sleep until it stops
Won’t be safe until it stops
Please, make it stop
If the mobile stops moving, then it means that Daddy never visited me tonight
I look to get away from it
Door is closed
I know why it is closed
It’s happened again
I don’t like the door to be closed
I don’t like hearing the lock snap when someone shuts it
It means bad things
I feel that sinking inside my tummy again
But I don’t cry
I want to open the door
But I know I can’t reach the handle
I could never reach it before
So I won’t try now
It’s my fault that I can’t open the door, if I could open it I could get away from the spinning mobile and then it means that Daddy never visited me tonight
I peek between the blinds
They are shut
I know why they are closed
It’s happened again
I don’t like it when the blinds are shut
I don’t like the clacking they make when someone pulls the string
It means bad things
I feel that soreness in my head again
But I don’t cry
I look between the blinds
A car goes past
I hope they see me
But they never do
If they see me, then maybe they can open the door and maybe I can go outside instead of hugging daddy and saying good morning to him after mummy opens the door.
It’s never a good morning.
Not after daddy visits.

by Nighter
Bruises take days to heal...

Bruises take days to heal
Bones take months to set
Scars fade when given years
But how long does it take a broken mind to mend?

by Nighter
Dear Father

Do you recall the assault
Dear father?
Do you recall the assault?
The thumping and the hurling
And the sound of my heart churning
Breaking, bursting, furling
Your fault, your fault, your fault
Do you recall the assault?
Do you relive the rape
Dear father?
Do you relive the rape?
The ripping and the bleeding
The terror and my pleading
Pleading, pleading, pleading
No escape, no escape no escape
Do you relive the rape?
Do you regret your crimes
Dear father?
Do you regret your crimes?
Your sinful acts against another
And being a weak, cruel father
A perpetrator of lasting trauma.
Harmer harmer, harming
Do you regret your crimes?

by Jane
Can you see me

can you see my burning soul
as I try to pave over this deep dark hole
The life I did not ask for or choose
but every attempt I took ended in a bruise
living off the crumbs of my mother
isn't enough to be called supper
my feelings were my only idol
and I could never give them a title
as I would retire at night
in came the dark man's knight
he did not touch my skin at all
but he did speak to make it crawl
stained cheeks that ached with red
waking with anger because I was not dead
how does one purge their souls garden
when the heart is close to being hardened

by slothrunner

Hands on my face,
Hands on my face,
Bruising and bashing and breaking my face,
Banishing me to a cold, lonely, place.
Hands in my hair,
Hands in my hair,
Ripping and pulling and tearing my hair,
Sending me into the deepest despair.
Hands around my neck,
Hands around my neck,
Squeezing, compressing, and gripping my neck,
Violet fingerprints left when I'd check.
Hands on my heart,
Hands on my heart,
Stinging and burning and shattering my heart,
Hands I so happened to love from the start.

by bella404

i'm sorry i ran into your door
don't know why you always gotta be slammin' 'em
to say that it don't hurt me
is a lesson in banana-ism
maybe you just can't see
my boundaries when they're non-physically
communicated to you
cuz no matter what i do
i only see regrets repeated
i never feel like my boundaries are heeded
i don't like the angry roll
throwing cups and smashing skulls
into the wall of my childhood home
where physical fights were often the norm
and i would hide and shut it out
the other choice is to have a bout
so when i tell you that anger scares me
yells and slamming and hurtful words
why when it scares me does it seems ok
for you to push my boundaries this way
over and over it happens it seems
i've brought it up, when we talked you said
    hmm, "that's interesting" 
but maybe it's my bad for letting it keep 
i should stand my ground
but it affects me anyway
i should calmly explain and detach from the fight
and ignore you when you say I'm just running away
i'll keep my truth 
i know that it's wrong
to cause harm with words or actions
and not say sorry, or i feel you 
i'm sorry for not leaving
the moment you kicked me out
for responding to your yells
for turning myself about
i don't like that it's justified
that i ran into a door
in your mind
yes i knew you were gonna slam it
as you got in one last scathing word
just have to always always have it
but a door in a room
doesn't move by itself
you were there you were slamming
i didn't fight with myself
you violate my boundaries
and i'm sorry that i let you
i guess i thought it normal
for someone who just pretends to love you
maybe that sounds harsh
i don't mean you judge you as fake
but if you never seek to understand me
what kind of relationship recipe does that make?
a conversation about an issue
involves both our feelings and our minds
empathy is borne in the the head
in the heart is where the feelings reside
when you share your heart 
and your feelings, regrets
you don't use your head
you don't have no doubts
the mind builds a bridge
the heart paints it with color
building means thinking
from other perspectives, and dreaming
of how to connect 
with the one that you love
how to take down the walls
and let the truth rise above
boundaries should be re-assessed
and angry words should be used less
i'm sorry when I push your boundaries
i want so much to have no walls, no mess
i hate when you show you anger
with actions
i guess you like your boundaries
and how it affects me is just a 

by Tokala