Fort Fairy Chatbot

Please note: this is not a hotline. It's a computer game to play with when you're bored. If you are in crisis - please call hotlines instead.

This is our Fort Fairy - a chatbot: computer program that is meant for fun. Fairy can chitchat with you if you're bored, give you weather forecasts for any location, look up any word for you on wikipedia (just type 'wiki chatbot' to find out what's a chatbot, for example), and email site admins if there's a problem (just type 'email me', she'll ask you the rest). Fort Fairy likes complete sentences better, and ignores entries she doesn't understand.

This is not our chat; to access chat you need to be a registered member and click on "Community" tab in the header above. Fairy is not meant to provide support or counseling, she's here for entertainment purposes only. If you need peer support - feel free to hop into our chat or forums. If you need professional help - please see the list of hotlines and call someone in 3D. Have fun!