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Traditional French plateau de fromages is supposed to have five kinds of cheese on it: some sort of blue cheese, some sort of goat cheese, some sort of hard cheese, some sort of soft cheese like Munster, and some sort of soft cheese like Brie. It\'s served with bread/crackers and fresh fruits/berries, either as a snack or sometime between main course and dessert. It\'s a healthy and very tasty thing, but might be somewhat too complicated for everyday life. However, the basic idea of eating cheese with fruit and crackers, as finger food rather than sandwich or salad, can be easily incorporated into everyday snacks, and provides all three food groups: proteins, fruits/veggies, and carbs. My favorite combination is Brie cheese (cold or baked) with grapes or sliced Granny Smith apples, but you can do any cheese with any fruit. For example, cut half a block of Cheddar cheese into cubes, cut a plum tomato into quarters, and grab some soup crackers.

Easy Recipes:

restaurantSnacks and Sandwiches (20)
Healthy yet simple sandwiches and snacks, both traditional and rather unusual. A few of these require a stove or a microwave, to pre-cook ingredients, but most can be done without either. Feel free to experiment with different kinds of bread: rye, pumpernickel, pita, focaccia, etc.

restaurantSoups and Salads (20)
Soups and salads provide a good balance of protein, vegetables, and carbs, and are extra easy to make. Most of these can be fixed in under 15 minutes.

restaurantMain Courses (20)
Fish, meat, pasta - hot meals that you can have right now, or cook for a whole week ahead and reheat as needed. Some are quick and easy, others take a while to cook, but all use 5 ingredients or less, and, while cooking time can vary, prep time is no longer than 20 minutes.

restaurantSide Dishes (20)
Rice, potatoes, vegetables. Vegetables are important to have plenty of, but hard to come up with. Plenty of exotic recipes that are easy to make and that taste great.

restaurantBreakfast and Sweets (20)
Omelettes, pancakes, desserts, smoothies. Some are yummy, others are both healthy and yummy :)