• Hey :) Just a reminder that Fort community is not equipped to discuss current ongoing abuse. If you're currently involved in an abusive relationship - please log out, contact hotlines and/or alternative sites (the Help tab on top of any page lists a few of each), and feel free to come back to Fort once you're safe and stable. Be safe.

Registering on Fort


here an there
Jul 30, 2009
Military vet with PTSD, depression, and schizophrenia...I'm trying to register but the system keeps spitting out my application saying I can only access the guest forum. Kind of frustrating, but I'm sure we can fix it up. Any suggestions?
I hear what you're saying. Fort membership is open to abuse survivors only, so, unless you've been abused, guest forum really is the only option. I wish we could do more. Will see if there are any decent vet MH communities, to add to our resources page. Hope you find the support you're looking for :rs