• Hey :) Just a reminder that Fort community is not equipped to discuss current ongoing abuse. If you're currently involved in an abusive relationship - please log out, contact hotlines and/or alternative sites (the Help tab on top of any page lists a few of each), and feel free to come back to Fort once you're safe and stable. Be safe.

New Here

Feb 7, 2021
Taking a major step here talking about my past abuse. Its been almost a year since I left and it still impacts me in more ways than I can imagine. Lately I have been triggered and its really testing my strength. Hoping to hear from others who have experienced similar things I have and hear how they cope and make sense of all the feelings that come along with surviving abuse.


Got Keys
May 23, 2016
Hi E_laney,

It is good to hear you are out of the relationship that was damaging.

What brought me here was feeling progressively symptomatic and confused about my thoughts, feelings, inner experiences that I had not processed during or after traumatic events in my life and the surfacing of all of this was leaving me feeling very undone.

Fort has been extremely helpful in me having a place to learn, read, discuss, gain understanding on so much that was confusing me. I hope you find this a place that becomes part of your healing journey as well!