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Is It Possible?



Hi All,

I am not going to go into too much detail here but I left my ex years ago. He tried to kill me and left me with life long disabilities after I broke up with him. I moved and started over. He found me there and so I moved again and started over. He again found me and got me pregnant. I moved again. This time when I moved I deregistered myself from voting. Did not receive mail at my place and was very careful that no one around me would know who I was or be able to connect this guy back to me. Then somehow he still found me again. He attempted to kill me again and failed but again, more physical permanent damage. After that, I moved again and I changed my name and my appearance and cut off anyone and everyone from my old life. I started 100% over. No connections to my old life at all. I was so sure that I was finally free but then somehow when I ended up going to the hospital for a routine procedure and was almost killed by the doctor who did it. My ex found out how to get ahold of my housemate (I still don't know how he did that) and told her he paid the doctor to kill me and that he will never stop. He said if he can't have me no one can.

So now for my question. Has anyone else ever gotten out alive when their ex goes to this much effort to track you down? When he tries so many times to end your life?

I need to know it is possible. I am starting to lose hope that I will ever be free. I have moved 6 times to get away from this guy and each time he finds me. He will break in to let me know he knows where I am before I ever see him there. He is a computer hacker and is using that to destroy my relationships with anyone I meet by pretending to be me to make them hate me. He works for the government which means that I have not been able to get him arrested for the things he has done. He refuses to stop and leave me alone. He has been destroying my life in every way he can and he keeps getting closer and closer to killing me. I was told by a judge that a restraining order would only tell him where to go to find me and he wouldn't follow it so it was better to just keep moving and changing my appearance and name and all that. I even went so far as getting a new social security number but nothing has worked. He uses his connections in the government to find me every time.

Please someone here tell me if you have been through this? Are you finally free? How did you finally get away? I worry I will never get away and that I will die. I worry the only way to get away is for him to die but I know that he is young and healthy. He is not going to go anywhere any time soon. Someone, please give me some hope? If you can't give me some hope just tell me what the likelihood of me getting away for good and being happy and free is? I need to know this is not just me.

Thanks for reading.


Fort Security Chief & Stargazer
Jul 19, 2013
I'm so sorry to hear of this experience. I've experienced stalking as well, and it really wore me down tremendously. My situation was different, as I was escaping from adults who had abused me in a cult like situation as a child. One of them tried to kill me and that was when I stopped "giving them another chance." That started the stalking in earnest. Like you, the judge I went to for a restraining order told me not to put anything in the paperwork that I thought they didn't already have, because it would just provide information. And the lawyer I went to for an attempt to change my name etc told me that wouldn't really do any good since those records are public and such.

I can't speak for their behavior or anything, but I have managed to find peace and a successful life. They still try to find me now, but they're getting older, and it seems there's less and less effort the more years pass. The stalking started a couple of decades ago, and is less persistent now than it used to be. I ended up having to come to terms with the fact that their actions were gonna affect my life somewhat, but I made plans for when they'd potentially show up, and then tried to go about my life as if this wasn't happening. I had emergency services, both the quick number, and the other direct lines to each office programmed into the speed dial of my phone, got my home as secure as I possibly could, made sure I always had a way to make a phone call nearby, and stuff like that, and that helped me a little.

Of course, my fear is there sometimes, if I hear a noise or such like that. Really, all I could control was myself and my plans and thoughts and actions. I hope that you're able to feel more confident and such. I definitely had quite a while where I was scared of every little noise and such. Truly hope your situation improves. :rs :bf