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how i was raped



so long story short i was raped by my close family friend/neighbour. My parents had gone out for the day and went to stay with my auntie and i was told to stay over at his becasue they knew that i would be safe there. I told him why i had to stay over and he told me that his mum wouldnt be back till late because she had some work. It was uncomfortable from the start because we rarely even spoke. I sat on the sofa and he asked me whether i wanted a drink and i said no. He went to the kitchen and got himself a drink, he cam back and sat a directly next to me. I kept moving away but he kept soming closer. I told him that he was making me uncomfortable so he stopping and moved away but that wasnt the least of it. A few minutes later he told me to come upstairs because there was something that he wanted to show me and being naive as i am, followed him. As i got in his room, he locked the door behind him and i suddenly knew that somethign terrible was going to happen. I know i shouldn't have listened to him and stayed away from him but i trusted him. He cam closer towards to me and i kept telling him that i wanted to go but he wouldnt listen. He pinned me against the wall and was literally ontop of me. I kept screaming and shouting and tring to puul him off me but all i could see in his eyes was lust. I kicked him in his area and ran for the door but he grabbed my hand and pushed me onto his bed. Eevn though he was in pain, from me kicking him, he was determined to have sex. He pulled his jeans and boxers down and put his inside me. All i could feel was the blood rushing the my body and i could hear the spring of the bed. I was frozen, i coudnt speak, move or do anything, i couldnt belive that he would do smething like this. It was so repetitive and all that time he kept touhign my body and kissing my kneck. It felt like forever but it was ficnished in a few mnutes.
The thought of him enjoying it and likeing it makes me feel sick and disgusted. H could see i was in pain, i was shaking and scared but he couldnt care less. He was going to get his way no matter what and he a full advantage. No one was around and he knew that no one would belive me because i was younger than him and everyone would think i was making it up.


Fort Resident
Sep 27, 2013
Hello. I am so sorry. I reacted in tbe same way to knots every one of my r*pes (frozen, unable to speak or move). And they also kissed me and did fords things. I am so sorry this happened to you. It was NOT your fault.


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Got Keys
Jun 19, 2013
I am so sorry you lived through this nightmare experience. May I reassure you you are not and never could be to blame for this grown man's predatory behaviour. He and he alone is responsible for taking advantage of your youth and manipulating you into a position where through no fault of your own you were unable to prevent him from sexually violating you.

For you if I may. :rs


He is a monster and a predator and it is 100% unequivocally that monsters fault. If you have questions about your bodies reaction I've come across some interesting material in my research, one of those materials being "tonic immobility" which would probably explain alot about your situation. I am so sorry this happened to you.