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Binaural Beats


Getting The Hang Of It
Jul 22, 2020
Has anyone heard of Binaural Beats? It’s meditation music my therapist says is used to help treat anxiety, stress, worry, and over thinking. It’s fairly new to her and she thinks it may help me. Has anyone had any experience with this before? I was told it had similarities to EMDR, but unique in its own way as well.


Got Keys
May 23, 2016
I use it, it works well for me... I search stuff on YouTube... there are rhythms for helping sleep and they work well for me. (In conjunction with good sleep hygiene)

Perhaps it does something to stimulate different areas of the brain... just as many modalities may aim to... however, it is nothing like EMDR therapy as provided by a therapist certified in that modality. Therapy provided by EMDR certified practitioner is more complex than turning on the button to deliver stimulation. The bilateral stimulation of the modality is a component within a larger framework, at least.

Having said that... the binaural beats imo are indeed powerful and effective at calming and shifting me into a more parasympathetic state of being.
Apr 12, 2021
I have had good experience with it. However, I shared a recording I use with an outside, online friend( someone I met on a forum like this one) and she found it very triggering. Although she didn't know for certain, it seemed like binaural beats could have been used in whatever RA she went through.

It was very awkward because we were talking on yahoo IM ( not physically together) and she got mad at me thinking I turned the recording on and I was refusing to turn it off. in actual fact, I only emailed the file to her system and they obviously could have switched it off but, I guess that the girl who was out was having a flashback and didn't see the media player/ it's buttons on the computer in front of her.