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Fort welcomes your poetry, memoirs, "how-to"s, or any other abuse-related content. You don't have to be a professional writer: what matters is voicing your perspective, so that all of us can learn from your experience.

Abuse is a deeply personal and sensitive issue, but the internet allows us to talk of it anonymously, without disclosing our identities. What was it like, to press charges against your abuser? What did it feel like when your father passed away? How do you handle raising children while having DID? Imagine how many people are facing the same issues and would love to hear your first-hand experience. Share your thoughts, feelings, helpful tips you've discovered, your joys and struggles - that's how our library came to be and keeps growing and helping abuse survivors world-wide.

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Sharing your artwork is a great way to raise awareness about abuse and mental health, without having to disclose your identity or any personal details.
Whether you're an artist or just like to doodle, our Survivors Art Quilt always welcomes new additions. Some of us just don't have the words to share who we are and how we feel, or are concerned with privacy. Sharing your artwork can be a great alternative - sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

You can upload your artwork through the form on the left. Please write something about your art: what does this image represent for you, when did you create it, how does it make you feel to look at it, etc. Most image formats are accepted, but please refrain from sending images containing nudity or violence. Your email won't be published. Feel free to use our Draw-A-Doodle page to create your art.


editMemorial Wall
Google the story of someone who died from abuse, and summarize it in a paragraph or two.

The people above were killed by abuse. Help us spread awareness by adding their stories to the Memorial Wall. Just click on one of these photos: the next page will give you a link to news articles about this person, and a field to type up a summary of who they were and how they died. One or two paragraphs is all we need to add them to our database. Aside from being listed on the Memorial Wall, their story will also be displayed on our homepage on the anniversary of their death, and broadcast to other sites and platforms. Let's make sure these people aren't forgotten.

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