Survivors Art Quilt

Colours II
by Jess

My therapist never taught me it outright as in 'draw it like this' such and such, was more of a draw how you feel thing, I never wished to share my true thoughts and feelings, so I thought she would be able to make sense of how I felt by how smooth/rough the lines were, what colours I used, and how neat the piece was. If I used lots of angry colours, she could see I was feeling angry; or sad colours - I was sad, and it goes on. Sometimes, I thought as it as looking inside my brain, all the different pieces, feelings. I projected that outwards with the colours, 'cause that's what I was feeling, the colours are my thoughts.


This is our collection of art by abuse survivors, our members and visitors. Click on thumbnails to see the images. Feel free to add your art to this quilt (you can create it here).