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DID Youth at with Tasha1701D
Expressing and Managing Fear and Anxiety
What are some things you feel fear or anxiety about? Why do you feel this way about these things?
How do you express yourself when you feel fearful or anxious?
What ways of expressing yourself work least well for you?
What ways of expressing these feelings work the best for you?
What other ideas do you have about how to manage fear and anxiety?

Past logs:

Repair The Damage Chat
Weekly hosted chat for abuse survivors focusing on emotional health, social skills, and activities of daily living. For example, how to stop procrastinating, how to make friends, how to manage time/money, how to set boundaries, or various other life hacks. Abuse often causes impairments in these areas, so the goal of this chat is to come together and talk of how we tackle these things, how we're repairing or lives now that abuse is over and our quality of life is in our hands. Takes place in Got Keys room.
Mental Health Chat
Weekly hosted chat for abuse survivors focusing on coping with and recovery from mental health problems caused by abuse. For example, how to cope with anxiety or nightmares, how to recover from depression, how to avoid acting on self-injury urges, how to cope with dissociative symptoms, how to manage a mood disorder, etc. The goal of this chat is to come together and talk of how we manage these things, to learn and grow together. Takes place in Got Keys room.
DID Youth Chat
Weekly hosted chat for littles/middles (DID alters under 13) to come together and share their joys and hardships with each other in a safe and supportive environment. Topics have included navigating the grownup world, being heard within the system, and trusting ourselves and others. Takes place in DID Youth room.

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