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Setting Boundaries with Others
On with Tasha1701D
How do you define boundary? Are boundaries with others important to you? Why or why not? How do boundaries help you during your interactions with others? How do you determine if/when someone isn't respecting your boundaries? What can you do if your boundary isn't being respected?

Coping with Grief and Loss
On with Tasha1701D
What does grief and loss mean to you? How have you felt when you've experienced a loss? How has the cause of the loss affected how you feel about it? What have you done to get through a loss? Has this worked for you? Why or why not? What other ideas do you have for coping with grief and loss in your life?

Trusting Yourself
On with Tasha1701D
What does trusting yourself mean to you and why is trusting yourself important? What situations do you feel are most important to trust your own judgement? What areas do you struggle to trust yourself in? What have you tried in the past to improve your belief in yourself and your judgement? How do you think you can improve your trust in yourself?

On with Manya
what makes you angry? do you ever get so angry that it becomes a problem? does anger ever help you? what do you do with your anger, keep it to yourself, work it out, express it to the person who got you mad, or vent about it to a friend, or journal about it? ever feel angry at yourself? does it help you? ever feel angry and not know why? how do you feel when other people are angry at you?

Household Chores
On with Manya
what are the things you feel you need to do to keep your home decent? how easy is it for you to do those things? how much leeway do you give yourself with it? does the state of your home reflect on your emotional health, or does your emotional health reflect on the state of your home? which chores are the hardest for you? why? are they necessary? do you enjoy any of the chores?

On with Manya
what are you grateful for in life? is it things that someone did for you intentionally? accidentally? not personally for you but for humanity as a whole? things that just happened, like a sunny day? things that didn't happen, like a nuclear war? do you find it hard to come up with things you feel grateful for? do you think feeling gratitude makes you a better or a worse person? does gratitude make you feel happy and motivated, or depressed and avoidant? did you notice if the contents of your gratitude list change with age? how, if so?

On with Manya
what do you consider procrastination? how does it affect your productivity? your creativity? the overall result? do you embrace it or try to combat it? which techniques work for you? which dont? why? do your procrastination habits change over the time or remain the same? do they affect all areas of your life or only some? are there things that you never procrastinate?
looking forward to chatting :)

Handling medical appointments
On with ZJ
Do you find going to medical appointments triggering or stressful? How do you cope when it is necessary to go? Do you find it useful to explain why you are triggered or stressed to your doctor?

Free chat
On with ZJ
Come and chat about what is on your mind. Also, bring topics that you would like to talk about in the future.

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The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe