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Tough Times Chat

Open to survivors wanting to discuss coping with abuse aftermath
hosted by WeepingWillow every Tuesday at 9:30PM Eastern Time

This is a chat for survivors that would like discussions within a close group. Our goal is to help members that are experiencing the effects of trauma, rape, incest and other forms of abuse. The format offers a greeting period, time to discuss current personal issues and a period to share information related to a topic. Those with a DID system are welcome, but we do ask that one individual over 13 attend.Get keys to the room. You can also suggest a topic.


On 11/03/15 with WeepingWillow
Dealing with medical appointments.
For various reasons survivors have a hard time with medical appointments. This chat will give us the chance to discuss those common fears and share strategies to cope with thesel

On 10/13/15 with WeepingWillow
Compensating for upheavals in our lives.
Many survivors find getting through every day life difficult when things are running well, how do we compensate for when things are not going well? There is a bare minimum of functioning that needs to happen. How do you decide which things have priority? How do you work around the things that did not get done?

On 10/06/15 with WeepingWillow
On Vacation Till Further Notice

On 05/19/15 with WeepingWillow
Dealing with realistic nightmares.

On 04/21/15 with WeepingWillow
Hobbies are a great way to stave off depression, and groups are known to help with the isolation that often comes with it.

On 04/14/15 with WeepingWillow
Dealing with new people
We all have to learn to deal with meeting new people from time to time, how do we handle these situations?

On 03/10/15 with WeepingWillow
How the healing process affects us.
The healing process causes changes in your outlook and sometimes your boundaries and many other changes. How do we all handle those changes?

On 02/10/15 with WeepingWillow
Keeping up with healthy habits.
It is always great to start eating better or to start an exercise routine, or whatever other healthy habits you would like, but it becomes hard to keep up with them. What are some ways that you keep yourself on track with new habits?

On 02/03/15 with WeepingWillow
Staying positive, being grateful while healing.
Sometimes in healing things get really hard, it helps to try and make positive statements about your abilities and things you are grateful for in your life. Hopefully we can share some ideas on how to make this easier.

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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
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