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How do I know if I'm making progress in t?
On with weepingwillow
It is really hard to tell if you are progressing in t, and so many people feel as though they are failing because they cannot tell. Do goals in t help you? Does it help to have your t point out progress? How do you know if you are actually stuck and not making progress so you can change it?

What is this chat, and have any topics?
On with weepingwillow
We're back from chats being on a long break, so for the first chat we'll kinda talk about what the mental health chat is gonna be because chats changed. Also, if you have any topics you're interested in, feel free to share them. Sometimes it gets hard to come up with topics, so it's a huge help.

Can't wait to see you all!

DID Goals
On with Manya
yay guys, chat is finally back, looking forward to it :)

what are your goals regarding DID? integration? better cooperation within system? better coping with symptoms (like timeloss) just for yourself, and your others can do what they like? better communication, something you need your others to know/understand/accommodate?

are these long-term or short-term goals? where do you see yourself dissociation-wise in a year?

On summer break till September
On with Manya
Looking forward to resuming our chats :)

Chat is on break till further notice
On with Manya
Guys, my laptop crashed. Will resume chat as soon as I can repair it. Feel free to gather in the room and discuss one of the old topics :)

Fun Stuff
On with Manya
if you aren't celebrating, feel free to hop into the room and hang out; we'll just talk easy fun stuff - what are your funniest DID memories?
did you travel somewhere warm? got yourself a new spouse? found a friend to build sandcastles with on a beach? ordered more than five pizzas at once? quit an office job to become a skydiving instructor? lets exchange notes :D

Staying Grounded
On with Manya
when youre triggered, what grounding techniques do you use? we have a bunch of them listed in library, but which are your favorites? do you have some unusual ones that work real well that you youd like to share? what music helps you ground? what food? scenery? clothing? activity? do you knit, cook, watch Frasier, sing in shower?

Handling Crises
On with Manya
how does your system do it? do you have a plan B for when things don't go the right way and you fall apart? what happens then? who handles it? what do they do?
do you have a list of numbers to call and things to do, in case of emergency, that is accessible to everyone in the system, even if they weren't present when you wrote the list? do your littles know what to do if they are afraid you might be a danger to self or others?

On with Manya
triggery thing for many of us, so how do we manage this time of year?
why are holidays upsetting? did something bad happen during them before, or are you lonely, or stressed out about seeing family members you dont like, or spending too much on gifts?
how do you cope with all this stress? what helps? what doesnt? what kinda support do you need from those around you?
is there anything good about the season at all? any way to create some positive memories, some routines to implement, that would help you reclaim holiday season as a good time of the year?

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