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Eating disorders and the holidays
On with weepingwillow
Now that we have gotten through another holiday season we are going to talk about what things are hardest to deal with when you have an eating disorder. Also going to talk about ways to help cope, and ways to communicate what you need from those around us.

Sleep and mental health
On with weepingwillow
It is well known that a lack of sleep negatively impacts mental health issues. We are going to talk about which symptoms it aggravates and ways we may be able to get enough rest.

Concentration and following directions
On with weepingwillow
Between mental health issues and stress it can be very hard to concentrate on the things you need to. We are going to talk about the reasons for and frustration surrounding brain fog.

Advocating for ourselves
On with weepingwillow
Many abuse survivors find it difficult to advocate for what they need with professionals of all kinds. Among other reasons, anxiety is usually a part of this.

Symptoms and the holidays (2)
On with weepingwillow
This is a large topic, so we are going to revisit it.

Symptoms and the holidays
On with weepingwillow
How symptomatic we are fluctuates for most of us. The holidays usually (but not always) cause stress so symptoms often flair. We will talk about how our symptoms are in relation to the holidays and how to handle those symptoms over the holidays.

Controlling anger
On with weepingwillow
Of course we are angry as abuse survivors, and with good reason. But how do you control that anger and make it work for you, or at least not against you?

Brain fog
On with weepingwillow
Brain fog symptoms are very common for many mental health disorders and a lot of chronic physical issues as well. How do we manage to function when this is happening? How do we cope with the frustration and hopelessness this causes a lot of us?

Internal cooperation
On with weepingwillow
What plans do you have in place to keep internal cooperation going? How do you come up with and implement those plans?

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