Mental Health Chat


Utilizing support systems
On with weepingwillow
I have a small, but solid, support system around me, but never use it. Lets talk about how best to use that resource and feel comfortable doing it.

Unique coping mechanisms
On with weepingwillow
Thing about coping mechanisms is they can be very different from one person to the next. Some things most people find helpful and we suggest those things to one another a lot - yoga, meditation, etc. Lets talk about other things we do, that are less common.

PTSD and sleep
On with weepingwillow
One of the biggest symptoms of PTSD is sleep disturbances. We will discuss how PTSD effects our sleep and ways to make sleeping easier.

Lets brainstorm ways to avoid self injury
On with weepingwillow
Last week we talked about maintaining sobriety from addictions, but did not cover self injury in general. We will talk a little bit about ways to avoid si, and maybe discuss some triggers.

Maintaining sobriety
On with weepingwillow
Many of us cope(d) with mental health problems by drinking. During this chat we can discuss ways to help maintain sobriety. Any type of addiction requires work to keep under wraps.

Controlling negative dissociative symptoms.
On with weepingwillow
Sometimes with dissociation we find ourselves in strange situations, like lost in the middle of the grocery store. We will talk about ways to deal with these symptoms.

Avoiding avoidant behavior
On with weepingwillow
Many of us tend to deal with things by escaping or avoiding them. Going to discuss ways to keep from doing this to ourselves.

On with weepingwillow
PTSD usually includes hypervigilance. How do we deal with the extra input, and coping skills we may have.

On with weepingwillow
This is a broad topic that I hope to be able to revisit from different directions as time goes on.

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