DID Youth Chat


Weekly hosted chat for littles/middles (DID alters under 13) to come together and share their joys and hardships with each other in a safe and supportive environment. Topics have included navigating the grownup world, being heard within the system, and trusting ourselves and others. The format is casual - you're free to share anything relevant on the topic being discussed, or to just sit back and listen to others, if that's what you prefer. There's often a game or a short story too. The chat takes place in the "DID Youth" room, see the chat schedule for times and dates.

Finding Sources of Support
On with Tasha1701D
What sources of 3D support have you found and/or used?
What was your experience with these supports?
Why do you think the experience went the way it did?
What other sources of support can you think of?
How do you think you can go about finding new sources of support?

This is the last Youth Chat before summer break.

Postponing Gratification
On with Tasha1701D
What kinds of things do you want right now but can't have?
Why do you think you can't have these things right now?
Can these things you want really wait for a while? Why or why not?
What makes it hard to wait for these things?
What things can you do so waiting for things you want isn't so hard?

Doing Good for Others
On with Tasha1701D
What does doing good for others mean to you?
Why do you think we do good for other people?
How do we feel when we do good for others?
Does doing good for others ever backfire? How?
What can we do to keep our efforts from backfiring?

On with Tasha1701D
What do you think it means to be a friend?
How important is it to you to have friendships?
What kinds of things do you want to do with friends? How can you accomplish this?
What are some challenges you face making friends?
What can you do to overcome these challenges?

How Hobbies and Interests Help Through Hard Times
On with Tasha1701D
What hobbies and interests do you like to participate in?
Do these hobbies help you when you're experiencing hard times? How?
Why do you think having hobbies or interests might help you?
What other interests do you think might help you through hard times?
What ideas do you have for trying out new hobbies or interests?

Hard Topics in Therapy
On with Tasha1701D
What hard topics would you like to bring up in therapy?
What makes these topics difficult for you to talk about with your therapist?
Have you tried talking with your therapist about them before?
How did that go?
What ideas do you have for talking about these topics next time?

Coping with Triggery People in our Lives
On with Tasha1701D
What kinds of people trigger you in your daily lives?
Why are these people triggery?
Is it necessary to interact with the triggery person? Why or why not?
What strategies do you use when you have to interact with a triggery person?
What can you do if you want to interact with the triggery person less?

Communicating and Being Heard Within Your System
On with Tasha1701D
What kinds of things do you want to communicate about with the bigs in your system?
Do you feel heard by the bigs in your system? What are some ways to know if you're heard by the bigs in your system?
What kinds of things do you not feel heard about?
When you're not heard, how do you feel about it?
What kinds of things can you do to be heard by others in your system?

Story Time
On with Tasha1701D
I will start a story and you all will influence the direction it goes. We may also play a game, if time permits.

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