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For some reason omelettes in particular tend to be a heated topic among chefs. This recipe does not make "the perfect omelette". It\'s a regular omelette, to eat. Fixing one takes about 10 minutes if you\'re using a stove, or about 5 minutes if you\'re using a microwave. Break three eggs into a bowl (two if you\'re microwaving it in a mug and adding toppings). Add salt and pepper and a dash of milk (if you have it, OK to skip). Whisk it well (use a fork if you don\'t have a whisk). If you\'re using microwave, add your toppings now (two spoonfuls total) and nuke the whole thing for 3 minutes or so. Spraying the inside of your mug with cooking oil helps, so that your omelette won\'t stick to it and it will be easy to wash. If you\'re using a stove - put a pan on high heat, place your toppings (except for cheese, if any) in the pan with some butter, and fry them for a minute or so, stirring once in a while. Then spread them out evenly and pour your eggs over them. Let it cook till the eggs are ready. You can flip it over and cook on both sides. Alternatively, you can remove your toppings from the pan, fry the eggs alone, and then place the toppings on top of the omelette and fold it in half. Yet another way is to just add the toppings to your eggs while whisking them, and pour the whole thing out on the pre-heated pan.

Common toppings: cheese, tomatoes/feta (Greek omelette), spinach/feta (Florentine omelette), green peppers/tomato salsa/monterey jack cheese (Mexican omelette), mushrooms/avocado/cheese (California omelette), ham/green peppers/onions (Western omelette). Important: ham needs to be pre-cooked, 3 minutes is not enough to cook raw meat.

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