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Probably the easiest thing you can fix: cheap, simple, and pretty flexible. To bake potatoes in an oven, wrap each of them in foil and stick in the oven on high for 30 minutes or so. Poke one with a fork to see if it\'s ready. To bake one potato in a microwave, poke it with a fork all over (to make holes for the steam to escape as it cooks, otherwise your potato will explode), and nuke for about 12 minutes. To boil potatoes, skin them (or leave the skins on), place them in a pot of cold water, and let it cook on high till ready (about 15-20 minutes). Put your potato on a plate, sprinkle with oil (or put a little bit of butter on top), add salt and pepper, and see what else do you have in the fridge. Red onions, tomatoes, pickles, roasted peppers, capers, dill, parsley, beans, cheese, tuna - all work great. My personal favorite combination is boiled potatoes, fresh tomatoes, and red onions, all chopped up (not too small pieces), with salt, pepper, and olive oil; sometimes I add hard boiled eggs as well. In fact, I can\'t think of any protein or vegetable that potatoes aren\'t good with. Tip: you can bake/boil many potatoes at once, and keep them in the fridge. Warming one up only takes a minute, and it\'s a filling and tasty meal. You can eat them cold too, in a potato salad (we have one in the soups and salads section).

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