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This Memorial Wall is our tributes to those who have died as a result of child abuse, domestic violence, rape, religious abuse, or other types of abuse. Some of these people we knew personally, others we only heard of. Abuse is not a theoretical concept, it happens to real people, and costs lives. It's important to honor those we lost to abuse by telling their stories, so that the secret that killed them does not remain secret, and so that other lives might be saved, as a result of increased awareness.
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November 6th:
Edward Miller
died on November 6th, 2013

Eddie was a 20yo man from UK who was murdered by his girlfriend, an older and much more experienced woman. They met two years prior to that, and she was emotionally and physically abusive. On multiple occasions she broke things around the house, gave him a black eye, even attacked him with a knife, but Eddie dismissed it, saying "Look at the size of her. What could she do to hurt me? It was only a small knife anyway."

She claimed to have been sexually abused as a child, and physically abused by her prior romantic partners, and Eddie told his mom "I want to help her, I want to support her. She hasn't had it easy and she is facing up to her demons.". Forensic psychologist Emma Kenny testified at the trial, "The reason that [she] tells him this information is so that when her behaviour is unreasonable, she can say, ‘but it's not because of who I am, it's because of what's happened to me'. So she takes away responsibility of herself and she puts it on the responsibility of the people who've done these things to her. And that is quite powerful because what that says to Eddie is, ‘if you let me down, if you hurt me, if you reject me, all you're going to do is be one of those horrible people that's made me the way I am. Can you please heal me, can you help me?' And that's clever because it means that she'll get what she wants."

On November 6th the woman killed Eddie by stabbing him 24 times, till the knife went 9 inches into his body and the blade broke off. The judge said, "Throughout this trial you have tried to portray yourself as a serial victim of domestic violence, that picture is not an accurate one."

Posted by Manya on February 27th, 2016
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November 7th:
Anne-Marie Birch
died on November 7th, 2013

47yo Mrs Birch from Kent, UK, ran a dog walking firm and had an estranged husband of 20 years who was stalking her. She had a restraining order and an NMO against him, and he kept violating both. On one occasion he slipped a copy of the restraining order, with a threatening message handwritten across it, under her door. In the two months prior to her death, Mrs Birch called the police nine times about the stalking. During one such call she said, "I got the order against him, you know, it's with a power of arrest, but they said any, any time he contacts you, to phone and we'll get him arrested, but it's just not happening, there's nothing happening, you know." The last time Mrs Birch called the police was on November 7th at 8:32AM, she was concerned about her ex husband following her while she was dog walking. At 2:04PM on the same day someone called the police because they found her body on the path where she walked the dogs.

Posted by Manya on July 18th, 2016
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November 8th:
Johnny Richards
died on November 8th, 2015

Johnny Richards was killed on 11/08/2015. Family members said they can't understand why anyone would want to hurt Richards, who is an amputee in a wheelchair. “He didn't deserve to die, like that's terrible,” said his sister-in-law, A.D. Askew. "He's a very calm, nice person. I don't understand. Crime is up these days...I don't know if he brought these people home with him or what happened but this is a secure building so they just couldn't walk in." Officials from the Cincinnati Police Department's Homicide Unit arrested and charged Richard's daughter, Shevelle Richards, 36, with aggravated murder for Richards' death.

Posted by Jane on June 17th, 2018
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November 9th:
Julina Gale Gibson and Nicholas Jeffery Mitchell
died on November 9th, 2017

Julina Gale Gibson 25 and her son, Nicholas Jeffery Mitchell 4, passed away November 9, 2017. She was a family and friend oriented person who worked as a home healthcare provider and loved to take care of people with disabilities. But, to her the best job ever was being a mother Julina’s mother reported that when her daughter's ex-boyfriend, came to their house the pair argued about visitation of their 4-year-old son Nicholas. "The baby's dad had the baby overnight, and he came to drop the baby off," said Julina’s mom,. "…he called my daughter. My daughter went outside to get him, which was unusual because usually he comes in the house." He then shot both Julina and her son Nicholas.

Posted by Jane on July 7th, 2018
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Victoria Rose
died on November 9th, 2010

Victoria Rose was lured to the house of her ex partner by a message he sent her claiming he was 'coughing blood'. When she arrived he shot her twice in the head before fatally shooting himself. Essentially, Victoria was lured to the property that morning on the pretence of bogus medical complaints," A message she took seriously and did not hesitate to responded to.

Posted by Jane on June 17th, 2018
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November 10th:
Shaniya Davis
died on November 10th, 2009

Shaniya was a 5yo girl from North Carolina, USA, whom her mom sold to someone she owed money to. "I gave her to him to cover $200. He was only supposed to have sex," she said. Shaniya was found dead six days later. "I want to say I did the best I could with my children," the mother said in court. "I never said I was a perfect mother, but I was a good mother. I did what I had to provide for them. I did what I had to to make sure they were alright. I didn't have any help from anybody."

Posted by Manya on February 27th, 2016
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November 11th:
Kayla Desiree Hensley
died on November 11th, 2017

The body of Kayla Hensley was found near a dumpster over the weekend, in a mobile home park. Her younger brother is charged with killing her. Kayla's mother, Susan Maltry, shared this statement about her daughter: She was the best thing that ever happen to me and will be missed by so many. She is and will always be my Hero. In 18 years she has (brought) me so much. Kayla was sunshine in every person she knew. And she didn't know a stranger, she would talk up a storm to anyone. She has overcome many downfalls in life. She was born with CP and was told she would never walk, she walked. She was born deaf, and had cochlear implants and was able to hear. If anyone told her she couldn't, she made sure to prove them wrong. She was an amazing girl! There's nothing I could say to make people see how truly blessed I was to have her in my life. She was and always will be my hero.

Posted by Jane on June 16th, 2018
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November 12th:
Mabel Tagala Cama
died on November 12th, 2017

22yo Mabel, a bank teller from Philippines, was raped, murdered, and set on fire in an impounding area just 100 meters from her home. The police arrested a local truck driver and investigated a few more suspects.

Posted by Manya on July 29th, 2018
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Mia Williams
died on November 12th, 2012

Mia was a 41yo nurse from Virginia, USA. She was an army veteran, married to another army veteran (no criminal record), and they had two kids. The marriage was rocky, Mia had an emergency order of protection against her husband once, but didn't renew it when it expired. On September 12th, 2012, Mia and her husband had an argument, she said she wanted a divorce. A few hours later he stabbed her more than two dozen times in front of both kids. They threw things at him to try to get him to stop, and called 911, but their mom died. The man pleaded guilty to spare the kids the trauma of testifying in court. The kids are with their grandma, Mia's mother. She says: "They're in school, and they go through good moments and bad moments, just like us. That's why we want to get this behind us, so we can move forward."

Posted by Manya on June 26th, 2016
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November 13th:
Tyler Joseph Caudill
died on November 13th, 2016

TJ's (Tyler Joseph) Caudill's mother, Margarita White testified that her boyfriend, Hunt, toward TJ changed after Hunt started using suboxone. White said Hunt began physically punishing TJ during potty training by making him stand in the corner on one leg for hours, smearing feces in TJ's mouth and denying him food. White says Hunt's punishments became severe and he would lock TJ in the bathroom for weeks and wouldn't allow her to feed or see him and only Hunt was allowed to feed him. White testified the last time she saw her son she told him she loved him and that he looked really bad. White testified that after TJ died, Hunt placed the body in a cooler. The mother and her boyfriend were indicted on charges of aggravated murder, murder, three counts of endangering children, tampering with evidence, and gross abuse of a corpse.

Posted by Jane on June 17th, 2018
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November 14th:
Meika Jordan
died on November 14th, 2011

Meika was a 6yo girl from Calgary, Canada. Her parents were divorced, and shared custody. On November 10th her father and stepmother didn't return her to her mom because a few days prior they burnt her hand with a lighter and didn't want her mom to see that. Over the following weekend they beat her to death. Here's how her stepmother explained this decision:

"I woke up at about four o'clock, it was the same thing again, you get the same screaming, the spanking, probably pulling on ears, you know, just the same regular normal stuff that we normally do. She acted up the whole entire day. So that's why she was being spanked and that's why she was getting even more riled up, more angry because it wasn't stopping... we kinda decided to shove her and try to give her motivational speech and yell at her and, you know, just get her going. And she wasn't doing what she was told."

Meika sustained multiple injuries, including brain trauma from being thrown down the stairs. She was clinically dead the when paramedics arrived, but was resuscitated and rushed to a hospital, where she died the next day. "My only saving grace is they were able to get her to the hospital just long enough for us to say those final goodbyes," said her mom.

Posted by Manya on May 20th, 2016
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Jasmine McClain
died on November 14th, 2011

Jasmine was a 10yo elementary school student who was bullied because she didn't have brand-name clothing. Jasmine hanged herself. Her mom said, "I just lost it because she took her last breath in my arms. She was a loving child. I just don't understand."

Posted by Manya on February 5th, 2016
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November 15th:
Agnes Caviston
died on November 15th, 2014

Agnes Caviston was bedridden and suffering from dementia. On the last day of her life an ambulance took her from the foreclosed Grovetown home where she lived with her son to a rental house. There was no furniture, said Adam Patterson, one of the Capital City Ambulance employees who transported Ms. Caviston. It was a very cold day, he remembered, and when they got to the house, Caviston told them to put the elderly woman on the bare floor. He wouldn’t have left her but Caviston insisted he had movers coming with their furniture, Patterson testified. No movers came. Caviston testified that he borrowed a home health care aide’s vehicle to gather as many possessions as possible from the Grovetown house. When he got back to Wicklow Drive, his mother’s aide warned him the fire in the fireplace was dangerous without a screen. He told the jury he moved his mother from the den to the living room with dozens of blankets. A spark from the fire must have lodged into a blanket because he soon heard his mother scream, Caviston said. Richmond County authorities have booked aviston on murder and arson charges in the death of his elderly mother.

Posted by Jane on June 17th, 2018
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