A Review of Techniques in Managing Depression

by Stanley Popovich

Some people have a difficult time in managing their depression. Sometimes, theirdepression and fears can get the best of them. As a result, here is a short list oftechniques that a person can use to help manage their depression.

One of the ways to manage your depression is to challenge your negative thinkingwith positive statements and realistic thinking. When encountering thoughts thatmake your fearful or depressed, challenge those thoughts by asking yourselfquestions that will maintain objectivity and common sense. For example, your afraidthat if you do not get that job promotion then you will be stuck at your jobforever. This depresses you, however your thinking in this situation is unrealistic.The fact of the matter is that there all are kinds of jobs available and justbecause you don't get this job promotion doesn't mean that you will never get one.In addition, people change jobs all the time, and you always have that option ofgoing elsewhere if you are unhappy at your present location.

Some people get depressed and have a difficult time getting out of bed in themornings. When this happens, a person should take a deep breath and try to findsomething to do to get their mind off of the problem. A person could take a walk,listen to some music, read the newspaper or do an activity that will give them afresh perspective on things. Doing something will get your mind off of the problemand give you confidence to do other things.

Sometimes, we can get depressed over a task that we will have to perform in the nearfuture. When this happens, visualize yourself doing the task in your mind. Forinstance, you and your team have to play in the championship volleyball game infront of a large group of people in the next few days. Before the big day comes,imagine yourself playing the game in your mind. Imagine that your playing in frontof a large audience. By playing the game in your mind, you will be better preparedto perform for real when the time comes. Self-Visualization is a great way to reducethe fear and stress of a coming situation.

Another technique that is very helpful is to have a small notebook of positivestatements that makes you feel good. Whenever you come across an affirmation thatmakes you feel good, write it down in a small notebook that you can carry aroundwith you in your pocket. Whenever you feel depressed, open up your small notebookand read those statements.

Take advantage of the help that is available around you. If possible, talk to aprofessional who can help you manage your fears and anxieties. They will be able toprovide you with additional advice and insights on how to deal with your currentproblem. By talking to a professional, a person will be helping themselves in thelong run because they will become better able to deal with their problems in thefuture. Managing your fears and anxieties takes practice. The more you practice,the better you will become.

The techniques that I have just covered are some basic ways to manage your depression, however your best bet is to get some help from a professional.

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