Quotes about Abuse, Mental Health, and Recovery

we make
a living
by what we get
we make
a life
by what we give
winston churchill
is a choice
that requires
at times
you can never
cross the ocean
unless you have the
to lose sight
of the shore
christopher columbus
if you think you are
too small
to make a
try sleeping with a
dalai lama xiv
but only in their dreams
can men be truly free.
it was always thus and
always thus will be
robin williams
it is better
to travel
well than
to arrive
two roads diverged in a
wood, and i - i took
the one less traveled
by, and that has made
all the difference
robert frost
she couldn't get
any farther away
inside from
her skin. she
couldn't get away
cynthia voigt
often it isn't
the initiating
that creates
insurmountable pain,
but the lack of
support after
s. kelley harrell
the greatest discovery of
my generation is that human
beings can alter their lives
by altering their
attitudes of mind
william james
it is not enough
to take steps
which may some day
lead to a goal;
each step
must be itself
a goal
and a step
viktor frankl
the things
always happens
that you really
believe in;
and the belief
in a thing
makes it happen
frank loyd wright

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Quotes About Abuse

format_quoteChild Abuse
Quotes about abuse inflicted on a child (someone under 18yo) by an adult. It can be physical, sexual, emotional/verbal, or neglect.
format_quoteDomestic Abuse
Quotes about abuse inflicted on one adult by another, while both share the same household. For example, physical abuse by an intimate partner, or abuse of elderly parent by their adult child.
format_quoteRape and Sexual Assault
Quotes about non-consensual intercourse (vaginal or otherwise), where the perpetrator forces it on the victim against their will and the victim is helpless to escape.
format_quoteInstitutional Abuse
Quotes about neglect, physical, or sexual abuse of people who are institutionalized, by the staff of the institution they are at (e.g. prison, nursing home, psychiatric facility, etc).

Quotes About Recovery

format_quoteEmotional Health
Quotes about stages of healing, anger management, identifying your feelings, knowing your needs, improving your self esteem, etc.
format_quoteActivities of Daily Living
Quotes about things you can do to improve your quality of life: cleaning, cooking, sleeping, arts & crafts, etc
Quotes about healthy and unhealthy relationships, how to communicate with people, how to set boundaries, how to avoid drama, how to not abuse others, etc.

Quotes About Mental Health

Quotes about therapy: how to choose a good therapist, what to talk about in their office, and when to quit.
format_quotePTSD and Anxiety
Quotes about how to ground when you're triggered, dealing with panic attacks and flashbacks, managing phobias, etc.
Quotes about Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka Multiple Personality Disorder), where it comes from and how we live with it.
format_quoteSelf Inflictions
Quotes about suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, addictions, or any other non-accidental behaviors that are harmful to your body.