• Hey :) Just a reminder that Fort community is not equipped to discuss current ongoing abuse. If you're currently involved in an abusive relationship - please log out, contact hotlines and/or alternative sites (the Help tab on top of any page lists a few of each), and feel free to come back to Fort once you're safe and stable. Be safe.

Emotional Health

Staying focused on what matters, detaching from what doesn't, managing anger, staying positive, etc.

Healing Shame & Guilt

Emotions aren't always rational, and many of us do feel ashamed and embarrassed of having been abused. Speaking of it works better than sweeping it under the rug. You're not alone.

Survivor's Rage

Abuse wasn't fair, we didn't deserve it, and yet are stuck with the consequences for life. Feel free to voice how you really feel about having been violated; any language is welcome.


Place to discuss your struggles, insights, thoughts, and feelings regarding faith. All religions and beliefs are welcome here, please respect all of our members.
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