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Thread: Talking About the Abuse and Horrors We Saw

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    Talking About the Abuse and Horrors We Saw

    Is this forum a place where we can talk about the horrors we saw without having to use Trigger warnings?

    Can we share about anything which happened to us?
    Any off limit topics?

    We need a place to share/write/get support for the horrors we witnessed.

    We read that littles can participate so that's good.

    Thanks for your help.

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    you can share anything that happened to you. not things you heard of, read about, assume, etc. so no conspiracy theories (e.g. how cia implants tracking devices into peoples noses, unless you have one in your nose) and no politics (e.g. how donald trump is a rapist, unless he raped you personally - and even then leave his name out of it, we dont post names of our perps).

    other limits - no telling others who they are or what they should be doing, thinking, or feeling. no gratuitously explicit writings on sex or violence (i.e. porn, novels describing penises entering vaginas). a couple of topics are limited to their forum folder only. for example, any intentional harm to your own body (suicide, self injury, substance abuse, eating disorders) are limited to self-inflictions folder; you can talk of these issues to any extent, without trigger warnings (since whoever is browsing the self-inflictions folder knows what they are getting into), but only in this one folder, i.e. you cant post your calorie counts in a folder where others talk about cooking.

    heres a link to guidelines, with more details - http://www.fortrefuge.com/rules.html

    hope this helps
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