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Thread: desperate need of help thank you

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    alannismommy123 Guest

    desperate need of help thank you

    i was in a 6 year relationship with my ex he abused me every way possible emotionally mentally physically.. he started getting worse and worse with the beatings well somehow i got him
    out of the house..we have a 6 year old and at the time my son had just turned 9 weeks. my daughter was at school and i was sleeping in the bed with my son that's when my ex broke into the house beat the ever living crap out of me and tried strangling me to death. this was a year ago and all of a sudden my anxiety is back full force i constantly feel like he is right behind me i haven't slept in days i am a absolute mess and to top it off he goes to see parole this coming friday if he gets out of prison i don't know what i will do

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    I really relate to the fear, looking over your shoulder and that stuff. for you. Finding 3D support really helped me with things like the stalking I've experienced. For my mental health stuff, my T has been super awesome (especially helping me with figuring out what I was going through), as well as support groups, which have helped me with the emotional aftermath of the trauma I've been through. I did wanna share a page with some links to possible 3D resources that I've found beneficial at times. Truly hope things improve for you and you're able to find the support you're looking for, both online and in 3D.

    May you have peace, live long, and prosper.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Can understand why you are still suffering from this attack - was bit and must have felt like your very life was being threatened. Thank goodness you survived...some in a similar position haven't. Seems to me that given that his crime is on the record - there is proof that he has a past history of dangerously out of control behaviour you may be able take legal action to get a no contact order against this man...I know that not all abusers respect these things but maybe it would be a good starting point.

    I am so sorry you are living with this fear and hope that you have 3d support as you face your attackers release from prison.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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