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Thread: My Wife Hits Me

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    I feel ashamed that violence happened agian

    My wife has just been a raw nerve lately and everything is upsetting her, way out of proportion. I'd hoped 2018 would be a better year, but it's looking to be the same old, same old. New Years Day didn't have domestic violence, just her yelling at me all day long. At around 9:30pm I'd had enough and tried to leave the house, but she blocked me from leaving by standing behind my car and not making it that I could back out of the garage in my car and leave. I told her if she didn't let me leave that I would call the police. She refused to let me leave and I called 911. I told them that things at home were getting bad and I was trying to leave before it turned to domestic violence and that I was locked in my car in the garage trying to leave but that my wife was blocking me from doing so and that my lawyer told me that I should call the police for help if this were the situation. The dispatcher said it was noble for me to do so and said help would be on the way. About 15 minutes later 3 police cars arrived. Long story short, the police were very understanding and helpful. As I was pulling away my wife came out of the garage crying saying she needed help and money. I had about $100 on me and I asked the police if I should go give it to her and it was funny that all three of them said NO at the same exact time. One police officer offered to help by giving her the money. I drove away prepared to stay somewhere else that night.

    So once I leave the house, the fight of course doesn't stop. She'll call me 50 time and text me mean stuff and then beg me to come back. All control and manipulation. This time she up'd the ante and said she's got abdominal pain from the stress and being pregnant. I drove back hoping to run in to a departing police officer and I did. I told him my wife has pain and thinks she may need to go to the hospital and asked him if he'd please go back and help her. He was happy to do so. A while later the dispatch office called me asking me to go back to the house, but stay parked on the street as paramedics were on their way and that someone would need to take care of the two kids at the house if she did go. Long story short, she got an ambulance ride to the hospital and I went back in the house to take care of the girls. As the ambulance was leaving the main police officer and I were talking and I said I've tried to get her to go to therapy but she doesn't want to. She said he goes twice...once for himself and the job stress and also for his wife. Nice guy that really cares...how thankful I was. At 3am I had to grab the girls and put them in the car to go get mommy from the hospital. I'd hoped she would have had a wake up call. but she still blames me for everything and three weeks later still does as well.

    January 10th was another bad day where she thought it was ok to hit me as I was trying to leave the house. She slapped me 3 times, punched me in the face twice and put her hands around my neck at least three times before I was able to get out to the car. Now she's got a new game. It's called I'm in pain and need and ambulance. I called 911 for an ambulance but 15 minutes later it wasn't there yet, so I explain to her if she says I hit her or something, which I didn't do. All I did was grab her by the wrist so I could get out of the corner she'd boxed me in to in the baby's room and then by the door leading to the garage is where she'd hit me as I'm attempting to flee. She was threatening me with jail and I told her if that's the case and she goes to the hospital that the baby would go in foster care. She then revealed she'd cancelled the ambulance. I didn't believe her and called 911 again to confirm. She still wouldn't let up and was yelling at me and I figured as unpleasant as it is for me to do so, if she's yelling at me that she's telling me how she wants me to treat her and I was yelling back at her. 10 minutes later there's a knock on the door with a police officer. I cam out holding the baby in my arms and he explained that he were here to check up on things as they'd been out to our house recently and they just wanted to make sure. I said to him that I appreciate him coming. He asked if everything was ok and I said we were arguing. He said we're allowed to argue. He asked us individually if we were ok and we both said yes. I really wanted to say no and that my wife had hit me again, but it I had no visible injuries and I really don't want my pregnant wife going to jail and risk losing the baby. I got really, really angry later in the day. I didn't do anything other than cry. I guess it's a natural instinct given all the hurt I've experienced. The anger and most of the hurt have gone away.

    Fortunately my wife has a two friends that I've managed to speak with about this happening in absolute strict confidence and they are concerned about her and trying to get her to get some help. But as expected my wife still doesn't see that she's got a problem. Here's something interesting I've discovered, but also probably knew already. To avoid fights I've just started saying I'm doing everything you want me to do and how you want me to do it. Of course she's still not happy. One day at a time I hope to make it through this until the baby is born in the summer. A few days ago she was really sad in the morning because she had a dream that I left her after the baby was born. I don't really want to, but that's sort of the game plan if things don't get better and I don't have any expectation that they will. Sadly, I've got my baby girl sleeping next to me and I think she could feel some of the negative energy coming out of me as I was processing my thoughts around all this and she was having what seemed like little bad dreams and making sad sounds. I feel better now after purging the negativity out here with people that understand and she's sleeping soundly as well.

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    Wanting to say something meaningful to you but am really not sure what. Gonna ramble a wee in case something useful slips outta my fingers.

    I have been in a similar situation yet no children were involved and of course, the kids being exposed to this makes it all the more complicated to pursue any direction. (Reunification, or seperation)

    My personal experience with domestic violence in a relationship is that it does not gradually descalate. It does not magically get better. It usually ends via a huge violent incident where the parties, or one person, finds the situation intolerable to return to.

    The thing is, as adults, we get to decide what is and isnít tolerable to exist within our relationship.

    For me, it was learning I was pregnant and the fear of him killing, or harming my child.

    I am not sure what else to say, other than it could be wise to reach out to a domestic violence shelter to prepare yourself on what resources could be available. Sometimes they assist persons not in the shelter system with help in making a safety plan and such. Maybe trying the links, helplines could help with ensuring ongoing safety ideas.

    Iím thinking...
    Threats to your wife about her not making false accusations... May work now to prevent you from getting charged. Yet, you are still at great risk for jail via false accusations as often those who have a pattern of false accusations, eventually escalate.

    Not to mention the real risk of escalating violence and abuse...as is usually the case.

    Safe thoughts for you and your little ones
    Had I not created my whole world. I would certainly have died in other peopleís. ~Anias Nin

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Hear you - how tough it is to deal with the situation you are in. Can not really add more to what Sunfl0wer has already shared. Utterly agree with her (and know from experience) that no amount of cajoling or second chance giving puts a stop to a person's established pattern of abuse...only thing that can do this is for them to want to stop...not because anyone else wants them too but because they have a powerful drive to do this them self. As you describe it (non commitment to working with a therapist) your wife is a long way away to wanting to do this. Thing I also realized (but not until after I had finally got away) was that my abusive partner kept 'pushing the envelop" proving to them self they could get away with it (even in the face of police intervention) were addicted to the frission of power that they got from being in control...exerting their will on another person.

    Only way forward for me was to leave. Was a complicated heartbreaking process. Went utterly against the grain for me to harden my heart to my partner's 'poor me' manipulations (at the time did not see them for what they were - mechanisms to take me on a guilt-trip - hook me back in).

    Can see that the safety of your children is a concern, good thing is that you are building up a record of her unstable behaviour - dk if it has reached the stage of being sufficient to file a case to gain primary custody of your girls - limiting her access to supervised visits...if you are talking to your lawyer about this option.

    For you and your girls.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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