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    My father sexually abused me when I was younger. I just found out he and his new wife had twins. One boy. One girl. He has it her kids too. I'm only 18, but the oldest of 7. I'm not sure what to do. From a legal standpoint, I can't really do much. Personally, I'm having a hard time not breaking down.

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    I can totally see why this news would stir up things for you and cause you to fear for your new siblings. idk what the legalities are there, but there wouldn't be much you could do here. Sometimes I've found just being there for someone is extremely helpful to them. They'll at least have you as a positive influence in their lives.

    for you
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    Can understand your concern - wonder if his crime against you was reported - if his past history is a known one. In my case my sexual assaults were never reported to the authorities so my father would have been in the position to deny that anything happened if I had later decided to expose him...my word against his. Have never been in the situation of having to worry about the safety of other minors (my father did not really have contact with kids outside my family). If I was in a similar situation to you I think I would probably speak out about what happened to me - I know that it would be unlikely to do other that alert his new partner that he may pose a risk...that is if she believed me which is not a given.

    Is easy for me to say what I would do especially as for me this is a hypothetical situation...the reality is that you have no obligation other than a moral one to do anything and have every right to put your own wellbeing ahead of any other considerations...to carefully weigh up the cost to yourself of any actions before you make any decisions on this tough situation.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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