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Thread: Ptsd

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    I was physically and emotionally abused for about 2 years into a relationship, I was stalked for a few months and then my abuser was sentenced to prison where they have been for almost 2 years and is getting out in a few months. My panic and paranoia and nightmares are all starting up again and my abuse isn't as terrible as so many others so I generally just bury it down but now I feel like the person is going to find me again and do something terrible. Anyone have any advice?

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    i don't know much about your situation but perhaps you should contact a lawyer to see what your legal rights are with him getting out privacy or other stuff or a shelter that may have good connections or advice /direction about how you can feel safe or protect yourself if need be. sorry i dont know anything else besides that since i have not personally experienced what you are going thru.

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    We don't make judgments here on who has more severe abuse and who doesn't, we figure abuse in general messes with you and so there is trauma to get through no matter what the exact abuse was. I'd say it was severe enough if they put him in prison though.

    I'd like to second checking in for legal advice. You may be able to get a PFA or have some other legal protections. If you think it would be helpful and want to register and poke around or post, we'll be glad to see you.
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