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Thread: Need someone to talk to about my self harm

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    Need someone to talk to about my self harm

    I hate talking to people about it but I do feel that I should . I hide my self harm scars , is that okay? Should I be ashamed of them ? I have made multiple attempts at suicide but all have failed my school recently got involved and every thing is worse now ! What should I do ? I feel that when I talk to my contsler she is just judge ing me she is horrible and no help at all my family life is what ( plz don't mind the fact I'm about to share my reason behind self harm/suicide attempts ) as said b4 my family is why I want to keep on cutting and wanting to die . Dailey I'm always being yelled at for non reason at all most of the time it ends up in my mother hitting me or blaming me for the reason my father left , does that count as any sort of abuse? Plz if anyone can message me on like snapchat or Instagram I really need to talk to someone . Thank u for taking the time for reading if u made it all the way to the end 😔💛

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    Hi scared and alone

    I am so sorry that the situation with your mother has caused you to seek unhealthy ways to cope. You ask if your mother's behaviour meets the criteria to be called abuse - can not answer that...would need to be qualified and hear all sides of the story. Do acknowledge that you find it tough - tough enough to try and find some relief. I am glad you are now working with a counselor (though hear she is not all you would wish for) does mean that others are aware of the situation - people who are trained to identify abuse of minors/vulnerable people - peple who are mandated to report any evidence of abuse to the authorities.

    Dunno if you have explored our library yet - you may find some of the articles there useful.

    For you
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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