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Thread: Trying to deal with *** aint easy at ALL

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    Trying to deal with *** aint easy at ALL

    Not finding dealing with easy at all.... even all the tools and in the world wont make it easy :( but guess thats just life one day who knows things might start to make a bit of sense, cos now it just dont. Anyone have the same feeling? Or am i just lost in a world of and crazy people

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    hard to respond cuz im not sure which you're dealing with
    assuming it's something related to abuse or mental health - i relate. skills, tools, support, etc - they dont make it easy. for example, im still dealing with some leftover ptsd symptoms, even after decades of therapy. its still hard; annoying and frustrating. however, it def was worse before, and tbh idk if i even would have made it at all without therapy, without the coping skills i learned, without people supporting me, etc. they dont make it easy, but they make it doable.

    for you

    ps: edited out the language in your post - we swear like drunken sailors in "rage" folder under "express your feelings" section, but keep it pg13 in the rest of the site; diverse community and all, not everyone is comfy with the language
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