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Thread: Our Family (A Poem)

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    Our Family (A Poem)

    Time moves on like the falling sand
    And I fall helplessly at their demands
    Embracing the curse of gentle sins
    I pray they see the suffering within
    A smile to give, and a lie to take
    All of the words blur into fakes
    Shouting and screaming down the halls
    Love is silent to bitterness when it calls
    And on deaf ears we cannot hear to cope
    As on the silence we all choke
    A family oh a family
    Look at what we are
    Please look at our family
    And cut open the scar
    Tear us to pieces if only for a new start
    It is oh so tragic to have a hardened heart
    Especially when you want only to love
    Only to have it broken by those above
    So a family oh a family
    We are good as we are
    Please see our good family
    Through our own prison bars

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    This is incredible. sm for sharing. If you would be interested we could add it to our other survivor poems onsite. (Of course we would credit you if you want.)
    East is up.
    Currently dusting off my jumpsuit. Cover me!
    You can learn to levitate with just a little help. ||-//

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