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Thread: Am I Really Being Emotionally Abused?

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    Am I Really Being Emotionally Abused?

    So the relationship between my parents and I over the years has grown extremely tense. If I had to define it in three words it would be: walking on eggshells. However, this status does not only apply to sensitive topics, but to our daily lives as a family as well. Small bickering often evokes a large scale war, everyone against me. Sometimes the physical harm of people(hair pulling and slapping) or objects(my objects being thrown at me or broken) is included as well. Because of the severity of the arguments, the isolation they put me in, and the sense of helplessness I have come to live in, I have researched on several sites the true definition for emotional abuse. They meet most of the criteria such as, the invalidation of feelings, mockery, refusing emotional/physical affection, using punishments and rewards for manipulation, threatening me in general, isolating me in my room all the time, and excessive criticism. I have done so much research that I could go on endlessly and get all logical or even philosophical. But I will spare all of you. The point is that I would like genuine input as to whether or not I am overreacting on this. It may not sounds bad from a screen, but I have come to lose general attachment and even respect for my parents. They say my depression, medication, and counseling is all a choice brought about by my actions, even though I have been depressed for about five years. I do not want life to keep being like this and though I have considered it, I am too scared to kill myself(I will not do it so don't worry). Please help me reach a conclusion on this so I can get help accordingly.

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    I am sorry to hear that you are so miserable at home. We can't tell you if you're being abused or not, overreacting or not. Just not possible over a computer screen like this. Besides, we're a bunch of random people on the internet you don't know, we could be totally wrong.

    idk if it's an option, but perhaps taking one of those lists in to your therapist and talking about it would help give you some perspective. That's something I do a lot if I'm not sure on things like this. Also, they would be more likely to know what your options, rights, and available resources are.

    We also have some hotline information under the help tab that could be useful for you - different types of hotlines from various areas. idk if any of it is relevant for you, but might be helpful. We also have information in the library that might be interesting for you.

    for you. I hope that no matter what the answer is you are able to move forward and be happier and healthier.
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