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Thread: Taking emotional abuse seriously

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    Taking emotional abuse seriously

    Hi everyone - I found this forum when i googled "taking emotional abuse seriously" - I found a link to a post that has been archived, so it seems I can't add to that thread. (I will put the link below) - So I decided to start a new one.

    I have been running an online support group for emotionally abused teens for a long time. Recently a teen wrote me for help and to make a long story short, it became clear her school counselor was not taking the emotional abuse she is receiving seriously. The source of the abuse is the mother in this case. Instead of really helping the student, the counselor basically defended, excused and justified the mother's behavior while telling the teen to just deal with it.

    This teen is at a high risk of suicide already so I am very concerned and at least wanted to tell as many people as I can that emotional abuse can definitely lead to depression, self harm and suicide among youth, if not adults.

    Thanks for reading


    PS here is the link I mentioned


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    Kindness & hugs.
    Hi Steve welcome. Glad you have stepped in.

    Could not agree more that emotional abuse can (and does) have a devastating effect on those who experience it. That emotional attacks can negatively impact on their target as much as physical ones.

    We work hard here to not rank different types of abuse...to not give the erroneous message that this type is worse/more serious/damaging that that one. Know the courts use these sorts of scales but is not our way - round here we support the position that any type of abuse has an equal ability to negatively impact on a person's life...traumatise them.

    Hear the important work you are doing helping teens to cope and deal with their issues and absolutely accept that this experience gives you first-hand knowledge about the trauma emotional (often hidden) abuse can cause this group. How it can impact on their sense of themselves and well being, lead them to find relief in anyway they can.

    Just a clarification - the thread you linked to was not archived because we do not think that discussions on emotional abuse have a place here (have folders for discussions on this important subject and resources on it in the library). Rather was archived because it related to an ongoing consensual relationship - albeit an unhealthy one. As identified in our intro pages we are not equipped to deal with these (though do provide links to agencies that are). Our purpose is to provide a platform for those (16 years and older) who have moved into the next stage of their journey...who are no longer being abused...stable and safe enough to be able to focus on their healing.

    Thanks for your contribution
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    Thanks Jane

    Thank you Jane for your comment and explaining why that post was archived.

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