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Thread: Can We Talk About Elections?

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Agree with Willow. All is hunky dory. (forgot how much I love this dizzy dancing dames emoji)
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    It's not about politics

    I'd say anxiety about Trump can be on many levels, and pertinent to this board is his personality and abusive patterns. Policies and politics aside, we have a President who brags about sexual assault, who insults and verbally abuses people based on their appearance, and whom many psychiatrists have declared a narcissist.

    The 2 of us here were both raised by narcissists and Trump's presence is like the knife turning in the wound. It makes us feel that his sort of abusive behavior is being condoned and even encouraged, and so we feel like we're sinking a little bit deeper into the mire, that society is closing in on us even more. We are more isolated even, and as it is we're nearly hermits.

    Full disclosure: We are Democrats, yes, but this is not about politics. If Trump were a Democrat I'd say the same things. I think it is valuable to discuss this and the bad effect his Presidency is having on people for these reasons, completely ignoring for the purpose of the discussion his politics. Politics per se isn't the issue; it's that an abuser and likely a rapist is looming over us with power and influence.

    We are not happy about this. It does not help us along our road to healing.

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    ok, closing the thread; seems like keeping it open gave the impression that its ok to ignore our "no" and proceed to discuss the topic that we already said wasnt welcome here. once again, fort is offered solely for the discussions of the abuse you personally experienced, the aftermath it caused you, and your recovery from both. i understand youre bothered by the effect you believe the personality of mr trump is making on american society, and hope you find a good site to discuss these feelings.
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