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    Hello thought i was crazy until my new husband came into this relationship like a charm now i just read the signs of verbal abuse and i am sick. Dont know how or what to do being that he has alienated me from my entire family and constantly demand screams embarrass me, i continue to get put down and catch him in constant lies. Just dont know why i married n now i feel trapped. I do have some income but rely on him n now that i married him that income will stop. Tired of hiding tears n want to live again

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Yep get what you are talking about. In my case I needed to reach the point where I could see that it was better to live under a bridge than stay with a man who helped provide for me...but at a real cost to my sense of self and happiness.

    In the end I left...wasn't easy, however by facing up to my situation and exploring the options I found there was support out there. Like many before me I discovered that it was possible for me to leave and rebuild my life. Now I look back and see that my decision (although scary at the time) worked for me. Not saying it is the right and only one...others may decide to stay...is their right and choice. Have a friend who has lived with a bad tempered man who seems to get a kick out of demeaning her...has done this for years - suppose she is used to his insults and nasty ways. Would have made me run for the hills...she copes with it by ignoring and shouting back at him. Her choice.

    Oh forgot to mention, we have information on hot-lines and support services that you might find helpful. To access these click on the help tab in the header.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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