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Thread: New Here but Not Sure Where Here Is.

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    New Here but Not Sure Where Here Is.

    I'm not sure how I found this site but I hope it helps me. I left my abusive relationship the last week of April 2016 but yet he still has a hold on me. We have a son together but he does nothing for him but still trys to fight me for him. He doesnt talk to him but yet is trying to spite me. I feel as if i can not escape. Im stuck. I feel like i cant move.

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    I live on hugs.
    Welcome to Fort no matter what way you found us.

    I'm sorry that you still have to deal with your abusive ex. I know it makes it difficult when you have a child and have to continue trying to co parent.

    I see that you've registered, so if you feel it might be helpful you can also check out the members only forums as well. See if reading is useful for you or if you want to post something.
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    Kindness & hugs.

    Hear how frustrating your situation is. why this man does not want to get on with his life...be a good father and let you get on with yours. Found when I left my ex he exploited every opportunity to try and keep me on egg-shells. My situation did not include custody battles...using his child in this way sure is not the behaviour of a caring or responsible father.

    Hope to see you when you are on-site.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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