Hi I'm new here sorry for a long post I'll try to keep it short and sweet I've been with my spouse for 12 years and been married two. Just over Five years ago I was scared for my life he would threaten me, break my phones , cut access off to any family or friends , there was physical abuse on the bad days and emotional and verbal abuse on the good. It ended after a phone call to police and a good three months apart , sort of . He made vows to change swore he'd die without me and pleaded how sorry he was. He started taking classes for abusers and talking to a therepist. Things were great better than ever. We decided to more from our state down south , my dream. We sold everything and did just that and things have been great he got a good job and we have a dream home in the country. It's been five years since I've been scared but those feel s are slowly coming back, with the loss of work he has become more verbally abuse again and I'm worried it may escalate to worse. Every time he yells or even gets upset I think I should run Can they change? is it possible? Or am I still playing with fire