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Thread: please help me help these poor kids

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    please help me help these poor kids

    *name of the person* of *address of the person* has been drugging her 15 year old daughter and young son in order to use their urine (she smokes weed) to obtain *name of a medication* prescriptions that she sells. She keeps ** out of ** pills and sells the rest of the script for $** to a woman who sells them for $** a piece in *name of the town*. looks like the next generation of addicts has started, unfortunately its not the doctors but the parents who are creating them.

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    sounds concerning, did you try talking to law enforcement and/or child protective services in your area? this is an anonymous message board, im sure local authorities would be able to help you help these kids a lot more efficiently. besides, you cant publicly accuse someone of a crime they werent convicted of yet, mentioning their full name and address; its defamation of character, obstruction of justice, whole bunch of issues. please contact the authorities instead
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