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Thread: Am I crazy, or have I been abused?

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    Am I crazy, or have I been abused?

    I've described things to the DVH, and been told that there is evidence I've previously been abused. The reason I reached out to them, though was a memory that I couldn't let go of, which they identified as sexual coercion/assault, followed by gaslighting. I don't know for sure if I'm still being abused or not, though. I've been told by several of my family members that I'm in a normal situation, but I'm not happy. I feel alone and taken for granted. I'm a SAHM. Maybe I should stop here, in case I've already violated the guidelines.

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    for you

    i hear your confusion, will try to clarify:

    fort is a trauma recovery group: someone committed a crime against me, did something they shouldnt have done to me: raped me, or beat me up, or neglected me when i was a child, or done other such things. that trauma often causes various psychological issues: depression, anxiety, ptsd, addictions, etc. so even though im safe now, am no longer being abused - i still struggle managing my life. fort is where i talk about these things: how to get out of bed when im depressed, how to cope with anxiety, how to handle flashbacks, etc.

    if you're currently being abused, your life is in danger, etc - its a whole other issue, cuz you need to talk to someone trained and knowledgeable about your local resources, to get practical help: legal, medical, temp shelter, etc. anonymous peer support group cant provide any of that, so we list a bunch of hotlines and links under "help" tab on top of any page, for those who are in an abusive situation and need help escaping it. cuz sitting online while your life is in danger really isnt a productive thing to do, we cant contribute to that.

    and if you're not in any danger, just having relationship problems but intend to stay with your partner - then a relationship site would be a much better fit. we're a trauma recovery site, different thing. for example, we cant discuss issues of other people - while a relationship involves both you and your partner and you cant fix it by yourself, without their participation. for another example, we dont tell anyone what to do/think/feel (cuz thats exactly what abuse perps did, we've had enough of that already lol) - while people struggling with relationships are often specifically looking for advice.

    we cant tell you if you're being abused, its not our call to make, but i hope the above helps you decide if fort would be a good match for you. i see you have already created an account, so you could post in rape folder about that past rape, if you decide to stay
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