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    I am new to this site. I am an incest survivor - father - and struggling. I'm very lonely and feel isolated.

    The holidays are really hard on me. They hurt. I have real issues trusting others.

    I am asking God to send me a friend who really loves me nearby.

    Having no family to rely on is awful.

    I am thankful for online forums.

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    Kindness & hugs.

    So sorry that you know the pain of being sexually violated by one who above all others should be protecting you...been there for you. I know the emotional turmoil this causes, also can relate to what you say about its life changing impact on your sense of self...ability to trust and let your guard down.

    I hope joining us will help you to feel less alone...that you are with others who understand...like you are doing their best to process and heal from the traumatic stuff they were subjected to.

    See you are registered...have access to the members' only folders and such...the opportunity to catch up with and share with other registered users.

    Hope to see you when you are on-line in the meantime may I offer you a rose I've specially picked from the Fort garden
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    Hi blue love

    Holidays centered around the ideals of family love can be tricky. I too hope you find someone who is strong enough to hear you and stay the friend you thought they were. May I share a cautious note? I found that certain people,even when they insist they want to know, are so blown out of the water by, to them, an unthinkable experience that they revealed that they were maybe not strong enough, or more a "fair weather friend"- not because they didn't like me, they were happy to continue to go do something they considered fun. They just couldn't process what had happened to someone they knew & liked. Some "distanced", some "forgot" what I said. It made me feel abandoned at the time, but after all, they weren't professionals & they didn't know what they couldn't take in until they heard it. I'm certainly not saying don't share. Just assess if you feel a friend is able to hear even a brief, lightweight version of your experience. That's why a site like this is so helpful. You're not going to throw anyone here. Forgive the ones who can't stand with you with their feet in the fire. Take it as a reminder of how strong you really are! They might not be able to listen to it, but you lived it, are still standing & continuing to fight toward your healing. I have found that the people who can listen to others are usually the ones who had to go thru some sort of fire themselves. All the best to you.

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