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Thread: Feeling trapped again after my "fresh start"

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    Feeling trapped again after my "fresh start"

    So i posted back in September about my abusive mother,how she verbally and physically abused me, now that I have been living with my dad since I moved here in July, I'm starting to face similar feeling of unimportance and depression. Although it is refreshing living with overall nice people, there just isn't room in the house for another person, so my bed is in the laundry room, which i have objected to multiple times, and I just feel that I may not be equal to all the other people in the house. With college application deadlines approaching, I have somewhat decided that I would like to go to community college and work full time to get tuition assistance from my job, but I almost feel that I'm forced to go to a four year school so I can stay on campus. My family also wanted me to see a therapist but upon my first visit with her she diagnosed me with adjustment disorder, which makes me feel that maybe there is something wrong with me, but on the other hand, i dont think many people could adjust to such a drastic change

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Imo is hard finding your place in an already established family/group...have to learn and adjust to their ways and them to yours. Glad that overall they are nice to you. Can understand that you feel a bit out of the family loop...is easy to look negatively on things like having to sleep in the laundry. You say that the house is stretched to capacity so assume that your father is not electing to put you in this make-shift space while other bedroom space is unused. Bottom line I believe is to accept the reality that sometimes you have to take the less than ideal with the good. When I was a kid remember wishing I could live under the stars - rather than having a comfortable bed in a violent home...was happy to forfeit material comfort for peace

    Hear your reaction to your T's remark...that you have an adjustment disorder. Sometimes I find it helps to keep an open mind and explore and discuss statements made by my T...ask about labels she is sending my way...why she thinks they may apply to me...and most importantly what support she can offer me as I strive to heal and get to the place I want to be. Remember a T once telling me I as a psychopath...felt real upset - wrote about it here. Proved not to be so...however have had to face some pretty confronting truths about myself (ones with foundation ) Realised a while ago that there is no point in going to T (costs a lot of $s where I live) then dismissing their opinion and assessments...part of the service I have paid to receive.

    Good to get your update. Hope things work out for you...that you do not have to compromise too much on your preferred educational plan
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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