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Thread: Where to begin

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    Where to begin

    For years I was on the routine of being with one abuser after another. Now it's broken for 5 years... But I still suffer daily nightmares recently found out my back is out of line from one of the abusers I have been pushed down stairs choked out raped repeatedly beat daily now that this is over I can't seem to get past the emotional scaring this has left me with. I have been on meds seen dr after dr. Idk what to do anymore the guy I'm with now knows my history and is very patient but I feel like this is as much for him to deal with as me. I really need help getting over the nightmares. Any advice?? Please

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    hey... I just wanted to reply to let you know that I'm not sure what to do when it comes to getting better and healing... My back is permanently damaged as well. It's so hard... It's just so hard... I have a therapist and it helps, but sometimes I just sob...

    I am sending you some *virtual hugs* because you are loveable, you are good. Abusers tend to zero in on empathetic people, good people.

    I still get nightmares and nights where I just dwell and get angry about the past but, it just is.

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