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Thread: I have been abused for years and the police refuse to believe me.

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    I have been abused for years and the police refuse to believe me.

    Hi, i just need some tips. Someone in my life has been abusing me for years, and every time I go to the authorities about it they won't believe me. The person keeps manipulating them into believing her, and I don't know what I should do. This person drinks daily, comes home hot-headed and try's to hurt me, even when she is sober this continues to occur. She emotionally and physically abuses me, and I am just done with dealing with this.

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    hey grimmz

    hear what youre saying, but need more info. this person who abuses you, how are you related (roommates, spouses, parent/child, other relatives), are you living in the same household, whose house is it (yours, hers, or someone else's), who's paying the bills (you, her, both, neither), and are both of you adults or one or both are minors? im not being nosy for no reason, just this stuff really makes a difference...

    ps: you posted this in a public forum, accessible to unregistered guests, but i see you have an account at fort. want me to move this thread to private, survivor-only forums?
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