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Thread: Poem..."Ring around the Rosey"

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    Poem..."Ring around the Rosey"

    Ring around the rosey
    Apocket full of secrets
    Pains and dreamy times kept safe
    All for the time to come
    Fear is all around the rosey
    Pockets full of fear, fear, fear
    All at peace until the time comes
    When all will come in pieces
    Watching, listening, dreading,too
    How wil it happen
    How will it do
    What will become of
    What will it do
    Who am I?
    Wow is who?
    Are you you?
    They...are they them, too?
    But where will they go...
    I want them, still,
    For they are for me so
    Me so, me so...
    So who I am is they also, too
    But when the time is here...
    Who will take care of us...of us
    April 30, 1998

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    This is so beautfiul and i almost cry here! This is so expressive. Wow this is amazing poetry.... it really touches my child parts. Thta makes me sad and also happy. But its good to express sadness sometimes isnt it? As long as it doesnt take me into an evil part.

    But yeah... this poem speaks

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