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Thread: I'm New

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    I'm New

    Hi everyone. I've never posted on a forum before. I'm here because I'm hoping to get support. I've been in an verbal and emotionally abusive relationship for 2 years. Things got to their worst tonight. I'm feeling very alone. I keep going back to him and I know I can't this time. But, I'm scared to be alone as I'm isolated from friends and family, and without him I quite literally have nothing. I'm sitting here still shaking from the screaming and name calling, and being kicked out the car tonight by him.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Hi Jen - I am so sorry that your partner's behaviour escalated to the point it did tonight. Like you I kept going back...found it hard to accept what my gut was telling me...that despite my hopes and wishes he was never going to change...saw no reason to...blamed me for his not ok behaviour. Eventually after too long...something snapped within me and I saw that I had two choices to accept the situation I was in or reach out for help. Was hard cuz I had always covered up what was happening...idk felt ashamed...but knew that I could no longer do it on my own...felt battered and hopeless.

    Remember ringing my local DV Centre...was a relief to talk to another adult who did not judge me, listened and accepted me where I was at. With her help I was able to see that their was financial and other support out there for people in my situation.
    For the first time for too long I started to seriously look at my options and to see my way forward...to admit to myself that I deserved better than the situation I was in.

    Sitting with you as you find the strength to put yourself first...do what feels best for you.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    All are welcome.
    Welcome to The Fort!

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