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Thread: Why was I banned?

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    Why was I banned?

    I just got this site and posted one thing. The administration told me it was in the wrong spot and if she wanted me to move it to the correct area, I said yes please and thank you. After that I was banned!! I haven't been able to use my account, I'm just wondering why? Nobody told me I done anything wrong or anything, I was just simply banned, from the whole site. No clue why, anyone know?

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    To be honest we had a whole convo about this thread among mods, cuz we respect our members' privacy and never air such issues in public. The screen you see when you're trying to log in states the ban reason and gives the admin email in case you have questions/concerns/etc. I'm not sure why you chose to have this discussion here in public instead, but it's your call, we have nothing to hide.

    You made two posts about how your partner triggers you into physically abusing him, and how he wants to leave you while you want him to stay. Many perpetrators of domestic violence claim that the victim provoked them, many victims snap and strike back at some point - we aren't here to judge who's the victim and who's the perpetrator; dv is often mutual anyway. However, Fort is a survivors-only community, and membership (i.e. access to private forums/chatrooms) is offered only for the purpose of discussing your recovery from the trauma of abuse you suffered, if any: PTSD, depression, etc.

    I messaged you that your first two posts were not about trauma recovery, and asked you to either talk of your survivor issues, as per our guidelines and the tos agreement you signed during registration, or to take your topic to the public folders. You agreed to do that, and yet immediately made two more posts in our survivors-only forums, explaining to a victim of domestic violence how abuse perpetrators feel, and how you wish your partner would give you another chance. In one of these posts you actually self-identified as a perpetrator of abuse. Naturally, we can't have perpetrators reading and commenting on survivors-only forums, that's why we banned your account. You're still welcome to use public forums as a guest though. Public forums are open to everyone, no registration is necessary.

    Hope this clarifies
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