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Thread: emotional abuse

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    emotional abuse

    I am looking for people who i can talk to about the emotional abuse i receive from my husband. He is depressed and refuses to take his meds so he takes it out on me. He states that i am the reason he is unhappy with his whole life and that i tricked him into marrying me. I just need some support while working through his depression with him. It gets very lonely when he is in his mood and pushes me away.

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    i hear what youre saying. heres a thought:

    victim of abuse is someone who is currently being abused, trapped in a situation where they are being violated but have no way to escape it. if thats how you feel, we got a bunch of hotlines and links to 3d organizations that can help you escape: shelters, lawyers, employment/housing assistance, etc. click on "help" tab on top of this page and select your country, to see the list.

    survivor of abuse is someone who was in the above situation before, has escaped it, is not being abused now, but still struggles with the aftermath of the old trauma: depression, anxiety, self-esteem problems, addictions, etc. if thats how you feel, we got a bunch of survivors-only forums to talk of these things, log in and click on "forum" tab on top of this page, you'll see the full list.

    supporter is someone whose loved one is struggling with something (for example, depression), the supporter wants to be there for them, out of love, but its hard for the supporter too. if thats how you feel, maybe googling a support group for loved ones of depression sufferers would help, i heard of such sites, just dont know any off the top of my head.

    relationship problem is when you love the person youre with and intend to stay with them, but some of the stuff they do makes you unhappy and you dont know how to fix it, how to make this relationship work better. if thats how you feel, checking out relationship sites might help, such as loveshack.org. they got all sorts of relationship topics, including dealing with partners who are ill and partners who are abusive.

    hope you find the support youre looking for
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    Hi Ijc3021

    Same here..newbie, looking for some tools in which I can speak about the things I can't speak about in real with real people.
    I did speak about what happened between my husband & me back then to my friend who was next door. Then he found out & got all angry about it, about words might spread all around the town soon. "It's a small town," he said!
    Another time (two different occasions) I did have to call some kind of hotline for domestic violence, they always asked if I wouldn't mind if they get police involved. Oh big no, if something happened to him because of me, I know he's capable of getting it back to me (revenge) in whatever ways.
    Even when they came visit me to talk about what happened, they said they needed to speak to my husband as well just to mediate us. Oh another big no, he wouldn't like other people know what he's like at home, how he treats me, etc.
    So here I am

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    Kindness & hugs.
    I am so sorry you feel so controlled by your husband...that he will react if you take steps to get assistance. I know that this is not a groundless fear...plenty of media reports to prove this. Thing is if you are not happy with someone's behaviour - you have a right to tell them and if they don't listen seek any support available to do this. To do this safely it helps to develop a plan...there are agencies out there with the expertise to help you do this. In my case I turned to my local dv centre. Staff there helped me to look at my options and to develop a plan that protected my interests and safety. Can't tell you what to do, not my place to do this. But what worked for me...in a similar situation.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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